Working on a Holiday

I used to be a workaholic. Used to because I have grown old and up and have realized that work doesn’t really make the world go round. Work is just something that distracts you and prevents you from chasing your rainbows. Or maybe because I’ve grown jaded and lost my enthusiasm and my faith that I can make a difference along with a part of my youth.

Or maybe because I don’t like what I’m doing?

It comes as no surprise then that I am building up this resentment as I woke up this morning and realized that I have to log on to my computer and finish some reports that are due at lunch today. Today – a holiday. And ten minutes upon waking, I have already blamed the unfortunate calendar – “why does the 15th have to fall on a Monday and why is the 12th of June a Friday?”

But of course, I should be blaming me instead. I should have stayed up two nights in a row to finish this report instead of: watching disney with Joey, attending the so-so year end party, or catching up on my reading.

Excuse me while I get to work. I am grumpy today. Perhaps later I will cheer myself up by going to Cubao and having a custom-made pair of shoes for me. Looks nice no?

The Problem with Options

As a rule, we humans prefer to have “many” than “few” – more money, more clothes, more of everything (to be blunt – we’re all greedy) . But last night, I found that having too much of a good thing can be annoying.
Yesterday was our company’s annual year-end celebration and 10th anniversary and since I can’t decide which dress/accessories to wear, I brought them all with me to the office to let my friends decide. It’s a good thing I already settled on wearing gold stilettos, otherwise, I would have ended up bringing an entire luggage to the office.

This was option number 1 – a black tube dress with satin “cape” at the back forming a cute little ruffle on your side. I like this dress coz it hugs me perfectly without showing off any unwanted fat (which I do have, to those who are quick to say I am impossibly thin).

Option number 2 was a bright red tube dress with ruched top – I think this one is to create the illusion of a fuller bust and also to hide the tummy. It’s not as form-fitting as the first but is sure to attract more glances because of its distinct color.
I got both dresses from Tyler in one of those spur of the moment thingies when you’re stressed and you need some retail therapy. The necklace (on first photo) is from the Pearl Market at the ground level of Market Market in Taguig.
I asked my teammates and friends to vote and the red dress won, so I wore it to the year-end bash at NBC Tent last night.
Which do you think I should have worn?