Theory of Adaptation

Growing up an an SM Malls fan – SM is the most ubiquitous mall this side of the planet and for almost ten years I have lived within spitting distance of an SM Supermall – it’s inevitable that it is the one I am most familiar with. Any other mall I go into would pale in comparison and I always find something lacking say, from Robinsons. I would go on a typical rant of “sa SM meron nito, better and cheaper.”

Since my new home is closer to Market Market than any SM mall (until they finally build the SM Hypermart at the Fort) most of my grocery and emergency shopping sprees are done there and among the complaints I have:

  • Why do the bagger boys have to accompany you to the parking or the taxi queue everytime you go out of the supermarket? It’s so hassle especially when these people don’t hide the fact that they would rather be bagging groceries at the counter. As if I’d be stealing their metal carts.

  • The supermarket is so cramped with narrow aisles that you’d be lucky if you get out of there without bumping or being bumped into at least once.

  • The mall itself looks dugyot with all the stalls in the middle of its cramped spaces (a good thing they opened the new wing which is definitely more sosi).

It’s only after I did the grocery at SM Hypermart today that I finally saw what SM lacks:
  • Imported goods – MM has the most extensive (probably next to Rustan’s, though) array: think Thai fired chicken breading, Indonesian Nasi Goreng sauce, Japanese noodles, Korean mixes.

  • Del Monte juicers – you know those nice machines that squeeze the oranges right in front of you? As far as I know, only MM and Rustan’s have that.

  • Fresh chicken – the minute I was within three meters of the poultry section, I sneezed uncontrollably: my eyes can be deceived, but my nose, they are infallible!

  • SM is too big but it basically just contains more of the same products, not really a lot of choices. Plus, people tend to flock to it that you end up missing what you need coz somebody else bought it.

Call me reklamador or what. Or maybe I have adapted to MM since it is now the more convenient place for me? Or maybe SM really is that bad?
One thing that I appreciate at SM though, are their kid-friendly carts. Obviously, MM can’t have this because then, there won’t be any space to walk around in.

I’m betting my little boy agrees with me.

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