Boracay, the 2nd time around

Went to Boracay with hubby and a few friends from our Varsi days and the incumbent/outgoing staff of the paper for their annual planning session (me, I’m just here to relax).
Unfortunately, the weather worked against us and for two days it rained very hard – I couldn’t even see past our hotel room window and the one time we ventured out in the rain, we got drenched and I was shivering the entire time.
Hubby and I arrived Friday afternoon (June 5) and had this nice bangka all to ourselves. Yes – we didn’t have to ride the fugly motorized thingies and endure the stink of everyone trying to fit in (fine fine, I’m a snob, or to be more accurate – I hate crowds, no matter what type).
We stayed at the Boracay Tropics – nothing fancy although I expected better since the price (at 4k for double and 6k for quad) is more or less same the for beachfront resorts. The Tropics was located about two hundred meters from Station 3.
Now Station 3 itself is not the better part of Bora – the beach is not as wide, a bit rocky and far from the hip places to eat and be seen. Station 1 is the most secluded part of the beach and this is where you will find the more expensive hotel resorts – this would be perfect for honeymooners and for those who just want to get away from the noise of city. Station 2 is the gimik place – you’ll find D’Mall here and lots of bars and restos. The first time we visited Bora, we stayed at the Sun Central’s VIP Suite, right smack in the middle of Station 2. The hotel itself is not much; it looked more like a run-down airconditioned cottage but I really loved our room and loved the free breakfast that came with it.
The heavy rains and winds prevented us from going island hopping as we originally planned (I didn’t enjoy our first time as much as I would have if I wasn’t pregnant then). But the sun finally shone on the third day.

These photos were taken from Station 2.

For those planning a trip to Bora, here are my suggestions:
  • book flights direct to Caticlan – this saves you at least four hours (two hrs one way) compared to Kalibo. Trust me, two hours means a lot.

  • Book PAL flights, if you can. I’ve had enough of Cebu Pacific – the service (web, call center, eveything sucks).

  • Get a nice room at Station 2. You don’t have to stay at the Discovery; there are rooms right going for as low as 1k. Now, I don’t really like the transient experience and would prefer a nice bed and hot shower anytime so my two cents’ worth: google out Bora hotels to check on rates and reviews. I personally like

  • Stay at least 4D/3N – one day to do some shopping at D’Mall and D’Talipapa, another to go island hopping and snorkelling, another to do some actual swimming, and another to just rest.

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Boracay, the 2nd time around

  1. krissy there's a budget hotel at station 1… budget in the sense that its just a fraction of the price of the other hotels there… check out πŸ™‚ I plant to stay there the next time i visit bora — annacincs πŸ™‚


  2. hi, we stayed at Boracay Tropics. Facilities are good – they have free wifi, a pool and cable TV, resto. The only downside is it's not a beachfront property so you have to walk about 5 mins or take a trike to get to the beach.

    the other time we stayed at the Sun Central, right by the beach. Food there was great, though they only have room and food, no other facilities.


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