I had my TSH, T4, T3 tests and thyroid ultrasound done yesterday and will be getting the results tomorrow. Then it’s off to an endo for the diagnosis and based on the conversation I overheard from the two doctors who did my ultrasound, I think I’ll be having a biopsy done later this week.
And the suspense is killing me.
I discovered my thyroid nodules and hormone problem three years ago but since I got pregnant with Joey soon after that, I decided to forego treatment (most thyroid treatments affect your reproductive system and might have adverse effects on babies) and never got around to seeking proper treatment until yesterday. I know I’ve been busy but still, it’s my fault totally.
Anyway, had my blood extraction at noon and had to wait three hours for my turn at the ultrasound. A guy doctor attended to me and I’m no Einstein but I figured something was wrong when he left me and told me he had to get another doctor – his boss, to be exact.
They droned on and on about medical terms but who were they kidding? I’ve been reading medical books even before I entered high school and have a working knowledge of it. So when I heard them mentioning complicated nodules, I was not alarmed. But when they started with the tsk tsk and I heard complex nodule, I started paying attention.
See, a complicated nodule (thyroid cysts) sounds serious but its actually just water (or blood) and I believe in most cases, it’s benign, even if its big. But for complex nodules (or tumors), there’s big possibility of them being malignant, regardless of size.
Of course, the two doctors didn’t read out the results – only my endocrinologist is allowed to do that. And now, I’m waiting with bated breath.
I remember having gone through this same predicament in my senior year at college – only it was breast cyst that time. I was so scared I’d have cancer I decided to host our class’ Christmas party at my parents’ house and attended another event right after my surgery –> I wanted to make the most of my “ignorant bliss.”
At least I’ll be buried up to my neck with work next week and would probably not have much time to worry about the results until I actually get them. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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