Status messages

I am not a big fan or plurk and twitter; I don’t even have accounts there. But I have accepted that some people find it entertaining and useful to some degree.
What I can’t figure out is why some people have to post status messages like: “Taking a bath” or “Having dinner” or posting whatever it is they’re feeling every ten minutes or so. I mean people, come on! Most people are not interested in knowing what you’re doing every single minute or care about your emotional roller coaster for the day. Updating it three times a day is fine, but like every hour? I do seriously think people who do this are “kulang sa pansin,” not knowing that they only clog up other peoples’ inboxes.
Another thing that I can’t figure out is when conversations have to posted wall to wall on Facebook. Conversations are supposed to be between concerned parties only, not for the entire world. And it only goes to show that some people spend their paid working hours just chatting or browsing the net. LOL. Use the personal message option people! Or use chat function, YM or even use your cellphones if you need to discuss anything, not post it on your walls for other people to see and again, clog up other peoples’ inboxes – respect the fact that some people don’t appreciate such mundane things.
It’s too early in the day to be ranting like this, I know. But I can’t help it, not when I opened my inbox and all I see are conversations between more or less the same people everyday. When the list gets so long, I have to look through several pages before I even found a post that is relevant or worthwhile.