SM North Edsa – I Like!

I‘m sure most of you still remember when SM North was the place where the yayas and the boys congregate on Sundays and unless you want to be labeled jologs or baduy, you’d rather not be seen there. The masa was so powerful they even invaded the way classier Trinoma mall right across the North Avenue.
Personally, I have abandoned all thoughts of shopping at SM North. One, because I now live too far; Two, the musty smell of the old building triggers my allergies and I end up sneezing the entire time; Three, it’s too crowded and the last two times I went shopping there (which was about five years ago; although I did visit the annex last December but not to shop), my camera and my wallet got stolen. So, yes, I don’t trust the people who shop there as well.
Last Saturday though, hubby and I had nothing better to do and decided to check out the newly-opened Sky Garden and the renovated annex:

Previously, the lot fronting SM North’s main mall was an open parking space. But SM converted this to a covered bus/fx terminal and the SKy Garden occupies the 2nd level. I must say, what a nice way to make your business even more attractive and lucrative while at the same time, help the community. This way, commuters don’t need to wait for buses and FX along Edsa or in the side streets beside the mall.

The Sky Garden makes moving to and from any of the three buildings (read: you can move from the Annex to the Block and avoid the Main Mall; hurray!) literally a walk in the park. It has fountains, ponds, and landscaped gardens with a Dome in the middle for events. And of course, what park would be complete without restos? Already open are Padi’s, Marina, Ineng’s, Inasal, and a host of cafes, with more to open in the next few weeks.
It also has a bridge connecting SM to Trinoma (double hurray!!) if your tired feet can still make the trek and you still have energy left to shop at another mall after covering the biggest mall in the country (yes guys, with the opening of the new annex, the SM North City has “dethroned” SM MOA as the biggest mall in the country, based on floor space).
And for the cool geeks who can’t resist bringing along their laptops and wifi capable smartphones, there is FREE wifi at the Sky Garden and the Annex. I’m not too sure about the block though, since I didn’t try there and there’s no wifi at the Main Mall.

I just hope the management will be able to maintain the SKy Garden and pray the throngs of masa will not threaten to destroy it – which is something I’m already expecting since while we were there, I sat on used bubble gum, left carelessly on the grass by some eeky person!

That’s me and my son, documenting our SM visit:

Sale Alert:

Been feeling rather stressed the past few days so as usual, I went on my favorite adventure: shopping. And since I love sharing good news, here’s what I discovered:

Lifestyle Sale (think Aldo, la Senza, Bench and Kashieca) – Firday – Sunday 11am to 11pm. 3rd floor of the Dimensione Bldg.

Mango – ongoing sale. Jeans for as low as 1,500, shirst at 350 and dress at 800. Can you top that???

Adidas at Petron C5 – Ongoing 70% off on all items. You can come anytime as this is an outlet store and they usually sell stuff at almost 40% off.

Plains and Prints (all branches) – sale until June 20

You can never have too many clothes so better hit the stores!