Sale Alert:

Been feeling rather stressed the past few days so as usual, I went on my favorite adventure: shopping. And since I love sharing good news, here’s what I discovered:

Lifestyle Sale (think Aldo, la Senza, Bench and Kashieca) – Firday – Sunday 11am to 11pm. 3rd floor of the Dimensione Bldg.

Mango – ongoing sale. Jeans for as low as 1,500, shirst at 350 and dress at 800. Can you top that???

Adidas at Petron C5 – Ongoing 70% off on all items. You can come anytime as this is an outlet store and they usually sell stuff at almost 40% off.

Plains and Prints (all branches) – sale until June 20

You can never have too many clothes so better hit the stores!

2 thoughts on “Sale Alert:

  1. Yes, the one on High Street. 3rd Floor of Dimensione.

    You might want to check Theodore's too at the Fort, selling branded thingies. They usually have sales year-round.


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