Michael Jackson 1958-2009

I am deeply saddened by the news that greeted me when I opened my Facebook a few hours earlier – lots of people had posted “RIP MJ” on their status messages.

If there was one artist who I can say is my favorite without hesitation, it would be Michael. Forget the others – their stars pale in comparison and none of them had achieved the magnitude of stardom that MJ had reached. Michael was the consummate artist – singer, songwriter, dancer; when he performs, he commands your attention. I remember that whenever there was an MJ video on MTV, I would drop whatever I was doing to watch it. His videos were the gold standard others were measured against and can put many movies to shame.
Many times hubby and I would discuss MJ, how his music is so timeless and classic – it trascends all barriers be it race, genre, or generation. His music does not belong to an era; it doesn’t sound 80-ish or 90-ish and its appeal stands even up to now. And he can make you sing/dance along or cry to his music. He can move you. I remember crying to Childhood and Heal the World and of course, Ben. His You Are Not Alone for me is the perfect cuddling song – so sensual and sad at the same time.
When I first heard he was going on a final tour in London, my brain started thinking of how to save up just to be there. I kept wishing that he would visit Asia to make it easier for me to see his concert. So imagine the disappointment and sadness that swept me when I heard the news of his death.
Thriller – the one that started it all
You Are Not Alone:
Scream – which holds the record for most expensive video of all time at $7M
Childhood – according to Michael himself, this is the most autobiographical song he ever wrote and if you want to understand him, listen to the lyrics
May you rest in peace, Michael.

Swine Flu – NOT

Hubby and I were just joking while driving to work yesterday morning that we might have gotten the swine flu from all our visits to UST (UST reported its first swine flu victim last Monday, and four have already been confirmed as of Wednesday night).
So, when I got to the office, passed the usual thermal screening and put down my bag, I thought nothing of the fact that I was having chills and shaking and my nails were turning blue. I thought it must be the effect of the thyroid hormong drug I was taking as part of my nodule suppressing therapy. I immediately discounted fever; after all, I had been through the thermal screening more than three times since I got there at 9, and was not stopped at all.
But around 2:30 pm, the chills got worse and my officemates told me I felt “hot” so I got back inside the building and boom! The temperature reading said 40 C. Had it rechecked three time, and the range never got lower than 39 so I was immediately quarantined, given two face masks, and told to wait while they contacted our company doctor.
You’d think swine flu was a deadly virus considering the way I was treated – I wasn’t even allowed to get my things even with the nurse by my side, and I was left with no cellphone, no wallet, no anything, just my ID and my jacket to keep me warm while I waited two hours in the lobby until our nurse finally located my teammates, got my things (which my boss thoughtfully hid) which I scribbled on a tiny piece of paper less I forget to take something important with me.
A good thing I had already told my mom and hubby that I was having chills two hours prior to my quarantine. Mom already volunteered to pick me up as early as 1pm. So, as soon as my things were ready, two cars were also on thier way to pick me up and take me to the hospital.
Anyway, six uneventful hours sped by. I spent most of it sleeping on a narrow bed in the ER, waiting for my lab results. I missed my bed and wished I was curled up on it, with my flannel blanket and socks, eating soup.
So here I am, cleared of having swine flu, blogging from my bed with a Bioflu and a jug of water by my side. Thank God – at least I won’t be quarantined for ten days. Imagine all hell breaking loose if I was sick in the middle of fiscal year-end closing. What would happen to Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia then? (Hehe, I’m not addicted to work, I just feel like wondering out loud.)