Michael Jackson 1958-2009

I am deeply saddened by the news that greeted me when I opened my Facebook a few hours earlier – lots of people had posted “RIP MJ” on their status messages.

If there was one artist who I can say is my favorite without hesitation, it would be Michael. Forget the others – their stars pale in comparison and none of them had achieved the magnitude of stardom that MJ had reached. Michael was the consummate artist – singer, songwriter, dancer; when he performs, he commands your attention. I remember that whenever there was an MJ video on MTV, I would drop whatever I was doing to watch it. His videos were the gold standard others were measured against and can put many movies to shame.
Many times hubby and I would discuss MJ, how his music is so timeless and classic – it trascends all barriers be it race, genre, or generation. His music does not belong to an era; it doesn’t sound 80-ish or 90-ish and its appeal stands even up to now. And he can make you sing/dance along or cry to his music. He can move you. I remember crying to Childhood and Heal the World and of course, Ben. His You Are Not Alone for me is the perfect cuddling song – so sensual and sad at the same time.
When I first heard he was going on a final tour in London, my brain started thinking of how to save up just to be there. I kept wishing that he would visit Asia to make it easier for me to see his concert. So imagine the disappointment and sadness that swept me when I heard the news of his death.
Thriller – the one that started it all
You Are Not Alone:
Scream – which holds the record for most expensive video of all time at $7M
Childhood – according to Michael himself, this is the most autobiographical song he ever wrote and if you want to understand him, listen to the lyrics
May you rest in peace, Michael.

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