I’m Back

Whew. Can you believe it’s been over a month since my last post? Not that nothing has been happening, but I’ve just been sooo busy. I always tell friends that the 3rd quarter of the year is always hell for me, even more now than ever since I have additional work to take care of.
Ho-hum. Anyway, so what have I been up to? Hmmm… Shop, Work, Eat, Sleep, Read. I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading lately, since, I’m becoming illiterate. Since my last post I’ve read the Vampire Diaries (Books 1-4), The Complete Short Stories of Jane Marple, Coraline, Nancy Drew Mysteries 1&2 and the August-September issues of my standard magazines – Cosmopolitan, Mega, Preview, Meg, FHM.
This is supposed to be a short post so I’d just skim the books:
a) Vampire Diaries – I recommend this. It’s not at par with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles but at least it is well-written unlike Twilight. And, for those Twi fans who keep saying Meyer was ripped off by LJ Smith, look to your calendars. VD was written 15 yrs ago. And her VD and Nighlife (?) series were ripped off by Meyer – the vampire in love with the human, the werewolf who fixes cars, etc.
b) Jane Marple – Agatha Christie’s novels usually succeed in only one thing: putting me to sleep. But when I started with her Jane Marple short stories, I got hooked. It’s short, fast-paced, and I am always surprised when I find out the identity of the culprit.
c) Nancy Drew – well, I’ve been a fan since 5th grade but I read the Nancy Drew files, not the original hardcover. So when Ipe and I saw the entire collection at Fully Booked, we knew we had to buy them (and Hardy Boys too). Not in one go of course. That would be too expensive. Haha. So we’re buying one of each every week.
I’m excited for the long weekend since I have South of the Border, West of Sun by Haruki Murakami and The Time Traveller’s Wife waiting for me at home. Plus tons of DVDs. And I just received a copy of the Vampire Diaries’ series premiere. So, yay!
Until my next post! (Don’t worry; it’ll be sooner than later). 😉

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