Lately, I have been on this unconscious journey of rediscovery. Probably has something to do with stress but I find myself drawn or given opportunities that bring me back to what I used to love.
A few weeks ago, my office friend forwarded an invite to a poetry workshop. Since it would be held at the office, I readily accepted it. After all, what’s one-two hours away from my laptop? It’s even after office hours already and I can always go back to my never-ending task list after.
Anyway, so the workshop was last Wednesday and Friday, conducted by a Palanca awardee and judge at the last Palance contest. I was nervous, knowing she knows a lot of my poet friends. Haha. Plus, I haven’t written new stuff in over five years, except for my blog entries which are hardly award winning.
So naturally, I almost dreaded the Friday session. We each submitted a poem about a memory and take turns to critique it. I wasn’t able to free up enough time between Wednesday and Friday to concentrate on writing a new poem so I ended up giving one I wrote back in college. A few friends have seen it already and Ipe as well, and they all liked it but I wanted to know what other people think.
I almost breathed a sigh of relief coz they were unanimous in saying they loved it. My officemates even asked if they could read some of my other works and our teacher said (after I confessed I actually wrote it almost a decade ago) that I write like an adult already at that age and I sounded like a veteran poet. It was somehow a validation of sorts.
I’m sharing the poem with you. Just sound off in the comments if you love it too (or not – I’m open to criticism).

Sleep well, beloved, so that I might lie beside you and gaze
at your face undisturbed by your resistance.

Sleep, so that I might visit you in dreams.
For my world lies not where I am awake, but rather, it starts where you

Dream. There, I am your only


and you are my only


There, the songs of praises need not be heard;
Worship needs not mouths to create them.

I will be your praise. You are my worship.
I belong to you.

And our world shall lay a secret to the eyes of men: for we shall

the vestiges of paradise left in dreams.

Sleep the eternal sleep; lie with the eternal night
To whom you are now consecrated.

I shall be your star.

Perhaps, Zeus had wisdom when he gave you eternity.
Your youth is yours.

You are mine.

3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Thanks, Heidz.

    He probably sounds familiar kasi sya ung alter ego ni Mamoru sa Sailormoon. Ung kalove team ni Usagi/Sailormoon.

    The character is from Greek mythology. Selene, goddess of the moon, fell in love with the mortal Endymion.


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