Typhoon Ondoy

Today is a very gloomy day. Apart from it being a Monday, today I learn a lot of people I know have been affected by the typhoon. My boss’ house was neck-deep in water, a coworker had to be rescued by a boat, several other office friends had to seek refuge on their rooftops/second floors and some still could not be contacted. Several of Ipe’s relatives are still waiting to be rescued from their bungalows in Cainta and Marikina and an uncle related how heart-wrenching it was to drive down from Antipolo this morning and see lifeless bodies on the street. If you’ve been watching the numerous videos uploaded on Facebook, you’d see that a lot of cars had been lost on highways. Lots of people are still waiting for rescue, or at the very least, food. The death toll is already past 100 and it’s still expected to rise.
Ipe himself was stranded at UST for two days with little food –> he told me he had to make do with half a bowl of Lucky Me. Students in other buildings had to share 6:1. The ever reliable Jollibee who had provided food to countless stranded students and faculty in the past could only come up with enough food for 200 people this time.
It’s all so sad and terrible it’s almost unbelievable. Like, how can that happen here? Manila was not prepared for this. No typhoon has ever hit the capital region this hard. Not even the rich were spared – their mansions all soaked with water and their cars probably rendered useless.
While I have survived earthquakes, typhoons, floods and fires, I’ve never really had any horror tales. I never experienced having water inside your house and the worse personal memory I have of a flood/typhoon was having no electricity for a few hours during Milenyo’s aftermath. I’ve experienced evacuating our things from the fire, but only because we got so scared –> the fire was four blocks away and all I carried with me were my school uniform, books and my stuffed toy.
I feel helpless seeing all these people totally relying on God’s mercy and the mercy of people to rescue them. I can only feel thankful that our immediate family was spared. Thank God my parents were always OC to the point that they map out all the floodways and faultlines -> my parents’ old house, while in a flood-prone district, was on the highest street in the subidivision and their new house is in Novaliches Proper, which is practically like living on a mountain – they didn’t even feel one inch of flood. My lola is safe and sound in her four-storey apartment complex where she occupies the top two floors and all my uncles/aunts on my mother’s side live in three storey houses.
I feel so selfish that last Saturday when just about everyone was holding on for their dear lives, I was watching dvds with Joey at home, silently cursing UST that Ipe could not come home to eat the pizza I prepared for him.
I hope everything works out fine. I hope we all survive this tragedy. I will just think that this is God’s way of reminding us that He’s up there, waiting for us to call to Him and ask for His help.

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