Real life heroes

Even as we try to cope with the devastation brought by Ondoy, it makes me proud to have countrymen so brave and so selfless to sacrifice their lives. I found this article online and it really made my eyes well up, particularly the 18 year-old teenager who saved more than thirty people with his bare hands –> swimming amidst the raging flood. He eventually died, washed away by the river, probably because he was already so tired after having gone to and fro to save other people.
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Now’s not the time

It amazes me that even at the height of tragedy, some people can be so insensitive, tactless or downright stupid.

Now’s not the time to:
a) play Farmville or any game for that matter or answer quizzes on Facebook
b) post personal statuses (like I’m in love —really???)
c) post pictures of you having fun (ok, I’ll limit this to those in the Philippines)

If you can’t join the nation in this somber mood and help out, the least you can do is not publish these things. Think of what the typhoon victims must feel right now. It just goes to show your true character, or lack of it.