A Little Vanity

I am officially starting my two-week diet today.
No — I am not fat. I weigh a healty 118 lbs for my 5 51/2 frame (although 10 lbs of it was gained in the last quarter; I’m blaming the stress). But, my lola and my mama has been pestering me for weeks on my seemingly bulging belly. Yeah, it is a big deal for them that I can no longer fit into my 24-inch jeans (college), or even my 26-inch ones (pre-Joey). I’m now squishing myself into size 27 jeans. On a side note, it’s good coz at least four people benefited from my too-small jeans when I cleaned up my closet last week.
Anyway, my lola keeps pinching my tummy and Joey says I have a big stomach –> the nerve of that baby!!! At two years old he can say, “mommy, you have a big stomach” and yet, he also has a big paunch like his daddy. But hey, if he says I have a big stomach, babies don’t lie right? 27 does seem big considering that I’m quite thin.
So for the next two weeks, my lunch will be an apple, banana and yogurt. Breakfast will be toast and bacon with fruit jam or granola with fresh milk. Dinner… I haven’t figured out yet. But maybe I can survive on eating fish for two weeks with no rice? After all, I need to shape up for an upcoming trip. Hahaha. I have plenty of two piece swimsuits waiting to be flaunted on the beach.
Ipe laughed at me when I told him this but he did wish me luck. All my officemates laughed and wondered how long I will last.
Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted every now and then if my diet works. But don’t tell anyone I have a pint of hazelnut brownie ice cream in the fridge waiting for me. Ssshhh.

3 thoughts on “A Little Vanity

  1. lol. a friend told me that if your target is only the tummy, you should not eat carbs for 8 hours before you sleep. ay wait u know her pala – si janice ung friend namin ni gelle. super pumayat naman sya so i think tama naman sya.


  2. yeah, that's what they keep telling me here. so maybe I should switch and just eat my fruits and yogurt for dinner instead. hihi. i saw janice nga pala last Monday at GB5 with her fiance. 🙂


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