Happy Things

I’m feeling rather exhausted today after three consecutive 14-hour workdays, punctuated by three-hour pilitan with Joey to go to sleep and fitful five-hour sleep.
I think my brain shut down two hours ago.

Here are snippets of what made me smile recently:
  • chocolates – local, imported, I don’t care. I love the sugar rush

  • ice cold frappe

  • home cooked breakfast of bacon, egg, fruit jelly, yoghurt

  • Joey telling me “I feel happy, mommy” after I kiss his bruised leg

  • Joey singing along to Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi in the car, and asking me and Ipe to sing it to him before going to sleep the other night

  • Joey saying “I’m going to be so happy with this” after we buy him a Cars magazine and 3D book at Fully Booked last Sunday. He loves Cars so much!

  • sleeping in my own bed with Ipe and Joey after a long day

What makes you happy?

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