A Little Vanity – Paul and Joe and Mac

A little known trivia about me is that I love to hoard makeup. I buy a new lipstick/liner or eyeshadow/liner practically every other month, and a new foundation and blush every three months or so. But not that I use any of them. In fact, I probably used each of them just once and them they all lay forgotten in my bulging cosmetics bag buried way deep in my closet.
I find lipsticks a bit thick and my lips (my entire skin actually) is too sensitive that I actually ended up with bleeding lips due to severe allergic reaction to Body Shop’s lipstick. I used to love bodyshop – their body scrubs, cherry lip gloss, but sadly, the lipstick did it in for me. I had to endure a month of cracked, bleeding lips and taking three different kinds of pills and an ointment to treat my poor pucker.
The same for foundations. I’m just too busy to be bothered and I find myself looking too made up after I use them.
Then, the unexpected happened. My boss took me to a make-up sale and I ended up with a Paul and Joe face powder. And I got hooked. It gave my face a pearly translucence, like I was made of porcelain. Yet, no one can tell I had put it on.
Proof is that I used up this powder in less than six months! It’s the first ever make up product I had used up so I went to Rustan’s specifically to buy a refill. And also to look up their primer since I thought if their foundation is this good, so must their entire line, right?

Now, I’m a sucker for nude lips. Ever since I saw J Lo’s lips in her Love Don’t Cost a Thing video, I’ve been looking for the perfect shade, in vain. I discovered Smashbox while reading my Preview magazine and the next day, I went straight to the Beauty Bar to get it. I loved it, it had a chocolatey smell that isn’t overpowering and it didn’t feel guey. But it wasn’t the right shade. So imagine my delight when the same day I went to Rustan’s, the nice lady there decided to give me a make over and showed me the perfect nude lipstick I have been searching for – shade # 59.

I had to have it. Never mind that I didn’t know if I would have allergic reactions And I did. Then, I went to Mac and bought their Lipglass in clear gloss. To top it all off, I also splurged on Mac’s retractable lip brush.

The only thing I didn’t buy is the blush on, since I still prefer cream to powder (Paul and Joe have only powder blush) and I prefer to mix Body Shop’s creme blush with L’oreal’s Mineral Bronzer. But, I love them all!
Too bad I broke my wallet with my splurge — ok, so maybe my cosmetics purchase is much less than my wardrobe but for someone who doesn’t really use much make-up, it’s still a big deal. The primer costs Php 1,650, powder foundation Php 1,350, lipstick at Php 1,175, Mac Lipglass at Php 870 and the retractable lip brush at Php 1,500.

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