Shabu Shabu addiction

I know I said I’d go on a diet but how can I, when just being Ipe’s wife means eating out a lot.

A few years ago, I would never be caught dead eating sushi or anything raw. Or anything Japanese for that matter. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I deal with Japanese on a daily basis in my previous assignment that I subconsciously avoid having to deal with them with my stomach as well. And I wasn’t the type who would travel all the way to Malate for gastronomic pleasure.
But now, I couldn’t say no to Shabu-shabu, this one from Lao Chan:

Dinner courtesy of birthday boy Yekyek (in light long sleeves):
* Shabu-shabu – directly means “swish-swish”, a Japanese hot pot, where thinly sliced raw meat, vegetable and seafood are served and cooked in front of you in a hotpot.
Oh, and I should tell you – aside from the yummie cooking, the price doesn’t hurt. We only paid around Php 2,500 for a group of ten for the almost eat-all-you-can shabu shabu and drinks.
Lao Chan is located in Malate, near Robinson’s Place.

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