I really don’t have time right now to blog, but I just got to write this down. Joey has been in the hospital since Monday night, Ipe is covering APEC in Singapore, and for today, I have two tax audits (diff. countries, natch), two tax computations and returns to finish, and a meeting.
I didn’t want to leave Joey at the hospital; and I know he didn’t want me to leave. He kept crying whenever I tell him I’ll be gone for a few hours to go to work. I’ve been babysitting him since we brought him to the hospital, only logging in a few hours of work after he falls asleep. But having already missed two days, I had to come in today.
Needless to say, I’ve probably slept less than eight hours in the three nights since he was admitted. This morning, I had to go to Taguig at 3am, pick up some more clothes, wash his milk bottles, do the laundry, then take a bath before heading back to the hospital at 6am to wait for my mother in law so I can go to the office.
It’s hard, juggling a lot of things.

On top of this of course is my worry. I can’t help but cry when they were putting the dextrose on Joey. And when I have to clean his poop; his butt cheeks very red already and his stomach hurting. The doctors still haven’t given us any conclusive findings on what is causing Joey to poop like nine times a day. I was told this morning the lab test will be available this afternoon; hopefully, when I get there, I’ll have something.
And, this is the third time Ipe and I had planned going to Singapore together but as bad luck would have it, also the third time unforeseen events prevented us. The first time was back in December 2007, when Ipe was covering ASEAN and I was en route to Jakarta; we figured we could meet up in Singapore for two days. Sadly, my trip was cancelled and he had to go there alone. The second time was April 2008; Joey’s passport arrived two days after our supposed return to Manila.
Maybe Ipe and I should forget about going to SG together; something about that place keeps preventing us from going there. But that’s the least of my concerns – Joey is at the top of every list. I hope he gets well.

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