Thank God

Joey has been discharged from the hospital, finally, after four days. I missed my SG flight and all my friends there; hopefully, there’ll be another time.
And my parents and in laws finally pulled through. Hehe. In my last post, I was complaining about my mom not wanting to watch over Joey. Well, I figured she just didn’t know how to go about the paperwork at the hospital so I told fafsy (that’s my father). When they realized that if they don’t volunteer for today’s watch, Joey will have to go home with my in laws. And well, it’s a competition between two sets of grandparents and naturally, my parents wanted Joey to go with them so fafsy took a day off.
Thank you to all the well wishers and to my family. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Thank God

  1. hi domps, may bacteria sya naingest. dunno kung san nya napulot, probably sa Cr. Nagtoilet train kasi sya pero hawak kung san san,e pag sila lng ng yaya, hindi nahuhugasan kamay. thankfully, di nman typhoid or amoebiasis.


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