Bohol Day 3 – Island Hopping

For our third day, we availed of the Island Hopping Your from our resort, for a minimal fee of Php 3,000 (around this amount) then we also added the lunch package at an additional Php 480 per head.

Call time was at 5:30 am,which I miraculously was able to meet despite working until 3am the night before(yeah, I brought my laptop with me), so we can head to Alona beach and watch dolphins. Dolphins, I learned, feed early in the morning, and the waters off the Alona beach are their main hunting ground.

Now, I’ve seen lots of dolphins up close but this was the first time I’d be seeing them out in their natural habitat. And there were so many of them I could even hear their whistles from our boat.

I tried taking pictures but the dolphins were too fast. 😦

After one hour of dolphin watching, we headed to Balicasag Island for breakfast and snorkelling.

Balicasag Island:

The island is only 19 hectares (imagine it as the UST campus) but it has two lighthouses, a chapel, an elementary school, market, and a diving resort. Rustic is how I would describe it – life here is so simple, there are only a hundred houses, and electricity is only available via a Napocor generator from 6pm-12mn. And of course, there is no cable TV or internet. But, surprisingly, the signal (Globe) is very strong.

My only regret is I forgot to buy a disposable underwater camera. We went snorkelling at the marine sanctuary off Balicasag Island and it was so breathtaking, particularly when manong brought us to the deep part of the ocean where all you could see was blue and you couldn’t see anything else beneath you – that was how deep it was. I felt overwhelmed, engulfed and insignificant at that moment. But, I love the water, and while I my heart thumped wildly at times, I was mentally and emotionally at peace. What can I say, I’m a water-sign, I belong in the water. Hahaha.

The manong I borrowed from Liz and Jeremy (the manong I was supposed to share with Lei was occupied full-time with Lei, since she doesn’t know how to swim and naturally, is afraid of the open seas) took me farther than the rest of our group and I was the only one lucky enough to see a turtle. Imagine, a lone turtle out in the ocean! They said it’s good luck, so we’ll see. I’ll let you know if I win the lotto in the next few days. 😛

The old (left) and new (right) lighthouse:

The chapel and the school:

Kids outside the school gamely posing for our cameras:

An old fashioned wooden house:

Virgin Island – as the name implies, this is an uninhabited island, where we had our picnic:
Lunch consisted of caesar salad, bread, grilled pork, sausage, chicken, fish, and beef, all prepared and cooked by manong while we frolicked along the beach:
Me and Lei:
We weren’t planning on swimming at Virgin Island but we couldn’t resist the white sand and the fact that we had the island and the beach all to ourselves!

AFter our island hopping, we headed back to the resort and I had a yummy dinner of meatlovers’ pizza, mango crepe, and mango shake (a bit mango overload, haha!):

Today is probably one of the best I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to visit Bohol again with Ipe.

3 thoughts on “Bohol Day 3 – Island Hopping

  1. really, turtles are omens of good luck? my mom told me that her friends told her to get rid of our pet turtle (which she had found in our garden one day, no idea where it came from since our house was nowhere near a body of water) because it supposedly means you will have slow growth in money. or something like that.


  2. yeah, my mom told me that too. But manong said if you see it out in the ocean it's a good sign. Hehehe. Anyway, generally, they say turtles are signs of longetivity and wisdom.


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