Surprise Surprise

DHL sent an early Christmas present.
It came in your typical, boring box:
which opened to show a nice, yellow box with pseudo-ribbon print:
inside of which is a sort of jigsaw puzzle made up of little square boxes:
which you can dismantle and re-arrange to show various Christmas scenes:
some of the other designs (I have very low EQ so I was only able to finish one other puzzle):
I initially thought the box, while entertaining and definitely pretty, was just plain useless (oh wait, it was supposed to be a calendar, hahaha) until I took out the small boxes one by one:
and realized that something was inside, and voila:
and no, it wasn’t just chocolate. It contained different flavors of my favorite in the world — Lindt!!!
So there, lesson learned: Don’t judge a book, err, a box by its appearance. Hahaha. 😛

This is not a rant, just a shoutout to the world

I am tired. Dead tired. And I’m sad. Like I told my friend Anna, I’m so sad right now it borders on depression. Just a few minutes ago, I ended up crying while typing away on my laptop.
One of these days, I will write about it. I just need to let it all out. No, it won’t be a ranting session. Just my thoughts.

Dress Code

This blog is supposed to be a one-stop shop for anything related to fashion – with me taking pictures of my daily outfits. However, I keep forgetting to buy a trusty tripod and Ipe could not be persuaded to take my picture so, I wasn’t able to post much here. The other day though, I was able to twist his arm after treating him to shabu-shabu dinner at Serendra. Hehehe.

Dress, Ilaya Couture, Archaelogy at Power Plant Mall; belt (part of a dress), Cosmopolitan, The Ramp, Glorietta; boots from Bamboo, bought online from; bag, Bayo; earrings, What Women Want, SM Department Store; bangle, Salsatrends, The Ramp, Trinoma

I know you’re wondering – yes, this is my outfit to the office. I’m a dress type of person although I normally pair them with stilettos. I just happen to have forgotten to bring a matching pair and since the boots just arrived via courier, I decided to use them instead.