How Can I Say No

A couple of weeks ago, my teammates and I signed up for a fitness contest. So, first activity was to get our height, weight, and BMI. All turned out normal for me – I was a 123 lbs, 5 foot five inches, 28-year old with BMI of 26.
Wait – 123 lbs??? Since when did I weigh 123 lbs??? I never went beyond 110 lbs in my life, except when I was pregnant with Joey, and even then, my heaviest was at 135 lbs.
I had to ask them to repeat it but it still showed the same – 123 lbs. Now I know why those Tyler dresses I had bought won’t go past my hips. Or why I had to buy new sets of jeans. Thankfully, my waist is still manageable at 27 inches, though it’s a big jump from the 24-inch waistline I had pre-Joey.
When I told Ipe, all he could do was laugh and point out that I’ve been eating too much lately and should be thankful I’m just 123 lbs.
I mean, how can I possible say no to the most delicious crabs I’ve ever tasted:
sweet chili crabs from a paluto in Metrowalk, Pasig
baked tahong from the same paluto
And the best ever baked tahong:
baked mussels from Almon Marina (branches at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall)
And now it’s holiday season just when I am about to start my fitness regimen. Darn. Diet or food? I’d have to say I’d always choose the latter.

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