Last Minute Shopping

I’m generally a crammer, even when I was still a student, so right now, I’m pretty nervous whether I will get my shopping done before Christmas.
The godchildren, thankfully, I have shopped for last November. Ipe was on a business trip and I needed a break after one week of hospital living (when Joey was hospitalized for diarrhea) so I did early shopping.
Last Monday, I was on sick leave, but since Market Market was only five minutes away, I took the cab and did shopping at 12 noon. Hahaha.  Now I still need to shop for Joey’s gift. And for one of my sisters in law ( I have four since Ipe is an only son).  I’m planning on getting him the toy car – you know, the remote controlled car that he can drive himself. I’m being a bit generous this year since I was away most of the time (suhol to). Though I need to check the battery consumption –> if it’s too much I’ll just get him some other toy. Hahaha.
Anyway, Leah and I spent our lunch break at Greenbelt, shopping. Or rather, her doing the shopping, and me just being the helpful friend. 😛
But I did enjoy lunch at Mom and Tina’s. I haven’t been there in over six months, I think. I got the red iced tea and paella valenciana.
I’m very picky with food. I mean, I can eat anything but it would take a lot for me to say that something is good.And I have yet to order anything from Mom and Tina’s that I didn’t like. So anything there is safe. 😛
I still have an hour to kill at the office. I’ll post another entry tonight. 🙂

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