Food Review: Mr. Jones

It’s that time of the year when you can’t focus on anything so my team mates and I trooped to Greenbelt 5 for lunch at Mr. Jones, a newly-opened restaurant.
Honestly, the reason we chose this particular place wasn’t the food. We heard the waiters were hot, and so was the owner from our two colleagues who had dinner there the night before. So the rest of the team decided to check them out ourselves.
Voila! Mr. Jone’s reminded me of old fashioned diner, what with red leather seats, jukebox, and old toys.  And the waiters and waitresss all wore striped red uniforms, like the ones you see in the movies. They also have one zebra-printed couch inside but all seats in the air-conditioned portion were reserved so we ended up outside, al-fresco – with the cold December wind blowing crazily (though at several points during our two-hour lunch, the sun shone so brightly it felt like we were sunbathing).
Here’s what we had for lunch:
peach iced tea
crab and dory
pot roast
fish and chips
mac and cheese
The food was superb. I particularly enjoyed the crab and dory fish fillet – the creamy cheese sauce was just the right foil to the fillet so the fish taste doesn’t get too overwhelming. Prices were quite friendly too – drink start at around Php 120 while the entrees cost around Php 350 up. Our total bill was around Php 2,500 inclulsive of drinks for seven people.
We didn’t get to see the “hot” waiters though. Or if we did, I didn’t find them hot. Haha. 
One gripe though is that they serve awfully slow – we ordered around 11:45 am and got our food shortly before 1pm. A full hour’s wait!!! A good thing the food and drinks are good, otherwise, it would have been a shame.
Will I come back here again? Definitely. Just don’t come here when you’re already on the brink of starvation and you’ll be fine.
* Mr. Jones is located the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. Reservations can be made through 501-3682 to 83.

4 thoughts on “Food Review: Mr. Jones

  1. kumain din kami sa mr. jones last week. my friend calls it “fine diner” — diner na fine dining. hahaha!

    my friend also said na kelangan daw ng reservation if you want to be seated inside. is that true?


  2. hehehe, oo fine diner nga. how did you find the food?

    actually, there was a time when they stopped accepting reservations coz everyone wanted to reserve. but i think it has been lifted now.

    as for sitting inside, if you show up and there's a vacancy inside, pwede naman. usually kasi madami tao kaya punuan tlaga. plus mainit pa sa labas so lahat gusto sa loob. your best bet nga is to reserve. once pa lng ako nakakain sa loob e, lagi kami sa labas.


  3. the food rocks! we had fish and chips, meatloaf, and the tapa. 5 girls lang kami, so maraming natira. 😀

    comment ko lang, during the time we ate, hindi sila naka-diner costume. sabi nung isang waiter, si mon, nagro-rotate daw yung mga waiters ng mga restos in greenbelt. heck, he actually wore a nameplate with “museum cafe” on it.


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