Last Minute Christmas Hurrah

Ipe and I had a major last minute shopping to do this afternoon – we had yet to buy Joey’s present. We already knew we were getting him McQueen but we decided to buy it on the 24th coz we couldn’t find a big enough hiding place for a 2 by 4 box wrapped in Toy Kingdom orange. So at noon, we went to MOA’s TK and picked out the car. We pretended to look at the other car models but we knew it was gonna be McQueen even before we saw him. Hahaha.
Anyway, since it would take awhile for them to assemble and wrap the car, Ipe and I went off to have lunch at our favorite place. If someone were to ask me what my favorite resto is, it would be Almon Marina. I love everything there – soup, pasta, chicken, dessert… Plus, it’s so budget friendly.

Reuben Salad, Php 112
Set Meal #4 – chicken, pasta, salad, toasted bread and iced tea, Php 192
Baked Mussel, Php 165
After lunch, we went strolling inside the mall to check out if we find anything nice to buy (which of course, we did, though we didn’t buy anything. hahaha).
I super like the decorations – they even have live Disney princesses but we weren’t able to take pictures up-close coz we were on the 2nd level. By the time we got to the ground floor, the show was finished. 😦
Two hours before Christmas and Joey can’t wait to open the gift

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