Cruz Family Reunion

It has been a Christmas day tradition to have the Cruz family reunion for more than fifteen years now. It’s on a rotation basis and with nine  uncles and aunts to divide the hosting tasks, we’ve only had two rounds each. Now, it’s one of my tita’s turn so the party was moved to their village’s pool/clubhouse in San Mateo. 
banner greeting guests
our family (mama and louis stayed at home)
Joey’s pilyo side so obvious in this photo, hehehe

I haven’t been to a family reunion in years mainly because we’ve drifted apart (issues, issues) so I was surprised at the number of nephews and nieces. And all the little cousins have grown up and married!
Anyway, I’m glad we went there if only to taste home-made achara and Bulacan-style menudo. Trust me, you’re missing half your life if you haven’t tasted these.

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