Sonya’s Garden: Sinful Indulgence

For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A not so surprising thing given that its name alone says it all – Break-fast – it breaks many hours of no food intake (since you’re sleeping) and gives you the strength to go about your daily tasks. I even have this personal thing that no breakfast means no me – I can miss lunch or dinner or both, but I simply will not function without a proper breakfast. Even people at the office know me as the breakfast girl since I like food that reminds me of it (think tapsilog, bacon).
So I was really excited to try Sonya’s breakfast menu.  I’ve tried their lunch/dinner menu many times but I was only able to haul my sleepy body there last  August (fine, I was only able to go there since we stayed overnight in Tagaytay). 
I made reservations for ten people since I was treating my side of the family for breakfast and had the Filipino breakfast. 
First thing they served was the mango salsa – my favorite in the world. I’m partial when it comes to mangoes since I love this fruit but whoever thought of mixing it with tomatos, parsley, onions and sprinkling it with salt and pepper was a genius. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the mango salsa.
After that, we were served a big, boneless bangus (daing in short) which must have been soaked in the vinegar mixture for a long time, or whatever it is that makes them bangus, because it tasted heavenly. This coming from someone who grew up having daing every other day (it’s my mom’s favorite so we didn’t really have much choice) and have tasted many variations to the lowly bangus. And it was nicely fried too – crispy on the outside, but melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside.
Then they served us mushroom omelette and chicken and pork adobo – again, I am speechless. The adobo was served just the way I liked it – a bit oily sauce and very tasty. It was so good I forgot to take photos but you can look at my plate to the left.
Dessert consisted of fresh ripe mangoes with edible flowers on top:
For drinks we had bottomless homemade hot chocolate and coffee. I don’t know what type of chocolate they used – my papa said it tasted like cashew nuts (yes, you can grind fresh cashew seeds and make chocolates out of them) but it was perfect.
I still have to taste their continental breakfast, though; they also have set menu but only for guests of twenty or more so I guess it’ll be awhile before I get to taste that.
Breakfast buffet is at Php 427 per person. Not bad – it’s buffet after all and nothing beats Pinoy breakfast served sit-down style in a garden setting.

5 thoughts on “Sonya’s Garden: Sinful Indulgence

  1. may bangus dito, dun sa Lucky Plaza, pero hindi sya masarap. kaya tapsilog na lang lagi kong inoorder.

    wow really, balik ka dito sa May? kasama mo na ba si ipe this time as in for real?


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