Varsi Amihan Christmas Party

It has been an annual tradition to have a Christmas party for Varsi amihans and ever since Ipe and I got married, we’ve been hosting it at our house or we take charge of the venue. This year, we had it at our unit.
It was kinda last minute what with everyone just plain busy nowadays, and some are abroad (hint: Leah) and some are out of town, so only a handful made it.
standing from left: Ipe, Dex, Jere, Lynda, Feli, Yekyek, Ian; seated: me, Lyn, Gerald and Joey (not in photo – Carli)
Lynda and ninong Jere with Joey out in the hallway
TL and Ria with Joey trying on shades (Ria’s?)
goofing around with Joey in our bedroom

For food, I cooked my Varsi-famous pesto, steamed tilapya, ham slices, and ice cream. It was just mainly an eat and run event. Hahaha. Though we did watch Villa Estrella and Mirrors after stuffing ourselves full.
Next year, I promise we’ll bring back the Charades and Wish List. Hopefully, we can have the party in HK or Macau since it’s our 10th year anniversary. 😛

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