Review: I Love You Goodbye

When I first heard that Star Cinema was making a movie with this title, I decided that I would watch it before even seeing the preview. I loved that song – heartbreaking, soulful, and honest. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes (the same goes for “Paalam Na” by Rachel Alejandro and “Sana Maulit Muli” by Gary V) so I thought, a movie with this song would probably be as good, if not better.
I managed to drag some Varsi friends to see it with me earlier this evening and I was immediately worried that I forgot my hanky – to give you an idea of how much a crybaby I am: I cried watching Shrek.
The movie is about a young cafe waitress, played by Angelica Panganiban, who gets dumped by her boyfriend of four years (Derek Ramsay) and finally moves on with the help of the doctor who attended to her during a near-nervous breakdown (Gabby Concepcion). The conflict in the movie is supposed to be on how she adjusts to being the girlfriend of an older man who is in the process of getting a divorce from a near perfect ex-wife in the form of Angel Aquino,with whom he shares a twenty year old daughter played by Kim Chiu, and eventually choosing between the doctor and the ex-bf who suddenly reappears to win her back. Some minor conflict is presented by her future mother-in-law, Liza Lorena, who is all praises for the ex-wife and only sees a gold digger after her son.
The story is tired and you can second guess just about every scene. As I remarked to a friend, just about every cliche you can think of is here, which I am enumerating below for your benefit:
a) boy dumps girl
b) girl suffers a breakdown,goes crying in the streets with the rain pouring down on her
c) knight in shining armor sees her and rescues her
d) poor girl suffers from the matapobreng mom of the bf
e) girl suffers from the bitchy step daughter
f) beach outing with frolicking on the sand
g) shower scene
It’s so cliche, I played a game with myself if I can guess what the next scene will be – and I was always right. I was right when I said Kim would find Angelica’s pictures with Derek, that something happened to Derek, and when Gabby came home on the night ANgelica was to run off with Derek, I knew that he had something to do with what happened to Derek. And I knew Angelica would be the sole beneficiary of Derek’s will (duh, the lowly freelance photographer managed to make a will!!!).
Then again, what are Filipino movies without cliches? What annoys me are the numerous love scenes, with first one happening fifteen minutes into the movie and lasting over two minutes, and the next two also lasting more than a minute each. I get the point they were in love – no need to be so visual with it, no need to saturate our minds with ANgelica making out with Gabby and Derek, in turns. And what the heck was the shower scene for? To show Angelica taking a bath naked? Duh.
As for the conflicts – they were all solved in the easiest ways possible: the other guy died accidentally, the mother and the step daughter suddenly came to their senses and get cozy with the poor girl. It reminded me of Aga and Anne’s movie, where Aga and Christopher’s issues suddenly became non-issues. But at least, that movie had beautiful cinematography; this one didn’t even take full advantage of the Zambales and Batangas beaches.
Acting was likewise terrible – what’s up with Derek’s face twitching as if he was about to laugh in several (if not all) of his scenes? ANd Angelica’s hysterical crying/laughing/smiling fit is not cute at all but unnerving. Angel Aquino sounded as if she was reading from a text book.  Acting was so bad, I think only Kim Chiu gave a nice enough performance – but then again, it’s always easy to be the bitch.
One friend warned me – the song is better than the movie. And she was right. I didn’t even feel the need to look for a tissue.
This movie is a lousy attempt at filmmaking – obviously hastily made to meet the filmfest deadline, with only one goal in mind – to rake in the money. Too bad, I was hoping to watch Gabby in a quality film and was also expecting much from Angelica after seeing her performance in A Love Story.
All in all, movie is barely okay. But I will not recommend it to anyone.

8 thoughts on “Review: I Love You Goodbye

  1. Wow, quick to review eh? Well, yeah, I was expecting this would be a real comeback vehicle for Gabby (and more from Angelica) …. Then again, being a fan (hehe), I am content I got to see him again on the big screen. He still has his charm 😛


  2. hahaha andami namang cliches. bakit nga ba laging kelangan may crying in the rain scene?? and frolicking in the beach scene? sometimes tuloy i wonder if i'm missing out by never having had them in real life. lol.


  3. i love the song din nga pala. and i remember umiyak ka nga pala sa Love Story. sabay tayo nanood non, diba? or am i remembering it wrong? kwinento mo lang ba? eeps.


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