Manila Bay

Manila Bay, which is considered one of the best harbors in the world, is perhaps most famous for its wonderful sunset. It is also a favorite destination for those who are looking for a picturesque spot to have a nice picnic – which is why you will find a huge masa congregating on Baywalk, a park constructed during the time of Mayor Atienza, who is, unknown to many, an architecture graduate of UST.
However, that park which sought to beautify Manila and make Manila Bay a tourist spot, is also largely to blame for the further decay and destruction of the grandeur of Manila Bay.
a girl, walking along the shore, oblivious to the mounds of garbage surrounding her
lots of people still brave the murky water to take a short swim
At least it’s still the perfect venue for all those fireworks:

I wish all efforts to restore Manila Bay (and Pasig River) will bear fruit – I’m a water-sign and I love anything and everything water-y so I hope I get to see Manila Bay in all its old splendour.

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