Why I Love Christmas Breaks

Bonuses and gifts aside may be the more tangible things we all look forward to during the holidays, but I love Christmas even more because it gives me that rare chance to see my friends. Christmas gives you an excuse to get together and since most OFW friends are home for the holidays, then all the more reason to have mini-reunions.
Here are some photos from the last round of get togethers over the holidays:
with my college best friend, Noreen (who was also my maid of honor when I got married), Pepper Lunch, Greenbelt
with Varsitarian friends – Carli, Lynda, Leah, me and Ipe at Starbucks Gateway
with my elem/high school friends Lei, Frelda and Jilou at Mesa, Greenbelt 5
with my Philam Properties friends at Krocodile Grille, Greenbelt 3
I’ve always said that blood is thicker than water; but sometimes, water washes away blood. This holds true for affinities and relationships – you are bound to your kin by the blood you share, but there are times when you know your friends more than your relatives. Plus, you really don’t have a choice in relatives but with friends – you grow close and learn to love them as time passes and you realize you’re all chips off the old block.
I’m looking forward to more years of friendship with you guys!

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