Hotel Weekend

Sorry that I have kind of neglected my blog the past week. It’s just been a hell of a week – it’s quarter closing and for the accountants out there, it means hell. More so if the company you’re working for is using a calendar year. (On hindsight, I think I’d prefer that. No fun in not getting to celebrate my birthday for the last two years).
Anyway, Ipe and I decided to hole up at the Manila Pen for the weekend, courtesy of a GC I won at our company Christmas party.
Obviously, Joey enjoyed the outing very much. From dinner at Mr. Jones Greenbelt, to buffet breakfast at the hotel, to shopping at Greenbelt. He didn’t even want to leave the hotel, saying, “Mom, I love our new room!” 
Must be the king sized bed. We only have a queen at home. 😛
As for Ipe and me, well, it was both our first time at the Manila Pen. And suffice it to say that we weren’t really that impressed. We were expecting something grander – we can’t help but compare it with the hotels we’ve stayed in in Europe, US and even around Asia (Ipe has stayed in a seven-star hotel). And it kinda fell flat.
No dvd (you can request, but you have to pay), and no toothbrush/toothpaste. Service was good though. And the buffet breakfast was at least at par. Hehehe.
Besides, it was all for free so I can’t really complain. Can’t wait to check out New World.

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