Speed of Thoughts

I sometimes wonder why I can only manage a few blog entries every month when every day, I think of something or something happens which I can write about. It’s not that I don’t want to write or don’t know how to – it’s should be obvious by now that I love writing and I’m not exactly clueless about it (no, I’m not saying I’m the best, but I’m not the worst either).
Time can be a big factor; sometimes, there is just not enough minutes and hours in a day to squeeze in an organized line or two. I’m trying to eliminate this reason by the way, resorting to typing out my blog on my E71 phone when I’m commuting on my way home or when I can’t sleep and just sending it via bluetooth the next day to my laptop.
Then I realized something. I don’t write so much because my hands can’t quite keep up with the speed of my thoughts. Sometimes, my mind has already raced to the end but my fingers are just typing the prologue and in that space between point a to c, I lose interest and giveup altogether.
Wouldn’t it be quite nice if someone invented something that can write out your thoughts for you? But then, it would be freaky as well…

3 thoughts on “Speed of Thoughts

  1. haha i know what you mean. there used to be a time when I'd have a long list of “to blog's” because i have so many ideas but no time to sit down and type them out. then time passes and it's no longer appropriate to blog about it so i just let them go.


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