Shallow Water

I am a firm believer of the saying that shallow water makes much noise. My personality reflects this, I am one to keep quiet, speaking only when all the others have subsided or when I am asked specifically. Even as a child I was of this disposition. Not that I was shy or, at the other end of the spectrum, that I thought I was superior to others. It was just my nature to keep to myself.
I am a self-confessed loner. I often prefer going to the movies alone, shopping alone, thinking alone. I never shared a room until I got married (but then, no point in sharing when there were three siblings to share four rooms in my parents’ house).
It is this nature, I think, that has kept me from most squabbles and petty quarrels.
But sometimes, being quiet just won’t do. The loud or outspoken people are the ones who get noticed, at school or at work. At school though, you have the written exams to do the speaking for you but at work, even if you prepare the best reports or work your ass off, it simply will go unnoticed unless you learn to blow your own horn.
And that’s a very important lesson. You should learn it. I should learn it too. After all, no one gets to the deeper part of the ocean without going through the shallow part first.  

2 thoughts on “Shallow Water

  1. i agree, the noisy ones, kahit hindi naman talaga sila magaling, sila ang napapansin sa work. naaalala ko nagjoke tayo about this ni tita mich before. syempre hindi ako magbabanggit ng names dito pero may ginagaya pa nga tayo na tao non eh. hahaha.

    pareho tayo ng prob sa work. maingay ako na tao, sure, except when it comes to work, na hindi ako pabibo.


  2. bwahahahahaha. oo naalala ko un discussion natin na un ni tita mitch.

    dapat matuto na tayong maging maingay. ganyan din ako, magulo lng ako pag nasa comfort zone, with friends. pero work-wise, hindi.


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