Sunday Church

While waiting for mass to start this morning, I can’t help but notice a couple of things,good or bad.
The old couple seated in front of us – they couldn’t be less than 75 years old, judging from their looks and how they stoop while standing. And yet, they brought tears to my eyes when they kissed each other during the “peace be with you” part. And how the husband would fix his wife’s chair, or lead her hand back to their place after taking communion. It amazes me and touches me to know that true love can really survive the test of time. I had to cover my eyes coz the tears started welling up.
A girl/young woman seated two rows ahead of us – I am guilty sometimes of showing too much skin, but never inside a Church or while attending mass. This young woman was wearing micro miniskirt, a sleeveless top. Sleeveless was bad enough but it came with a plunging neckling made even worse with three buttons at the top, with the top left unbuttoned. I was so surprised that no one stopped her from taking the communion.
Collection total – since the Sunday mass was celebrated weekly at our condo’s clubhouse, we naturally have some sort of council which accounts for all the collections. I was again surprised that weekly collections only amount to around 2,000-3,000. I can’t understand how with more than a hundred people, we only managed to come up with that amount. No – I don’t think for a minute that someone has been underreporting the funds. It’s the fact that we, baptized Catholics, can’t even part with a couple hundred a week. Imagine if the hundred adults there each gave Php 100, we would have raised Php 10,000 weekly. No wonder our churches are in dire need of repair, or that our parochial schools can’t afford to hire good teachers or facilties.
These observations make me sometimes envy the other sects ( I dare not call the most of the other beliefs as religions; i consider them mostly as sects or cults) – how they can command their members to show up in respectable outfits on Sundays and commite 10% of their hard-earned money to their church.
Wake up fellow Christians!

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