Movie Weekend: Wolfman

The last weekend gave me plenty of opportunity to catch up on movies.

First stop was Wolfman.

Now, I admit the bad reviews about the film gave me preconceived biases against it. But still, I came in with an open mind.

The film, set in 19th or early 20th century London, tells the story of Lawrence Talbot, a travelling actor who was summoned home by his missing brother’s fiancee. The brother soon turns up grissly murdered and as Lawrence investigates among the gypsy crown for whom his brother was the town’s liason officer, he finds himself attacked by the animal (werewolf) largely blamed for his brother’s death.

The story pretty much takes on a very predictable turn; this being a remake though, one can hardly expect any surprises: prodigal son returns to help investigate his brother’s mysterious disappearance and death, discovers his father was the werewolf, becomes werewolf himself after surviving an attack, and realizes he has to kill his father to save mankind. Add the inevitable love interest who ultimately must decide his fate and you have the most predictable storyline created in both sides of the pond.  

But still, such plot can be passable if the story-telling was impeccably done but no – it was told in dragging fashion and the special effects, if you could call it that, were at best, amateur. I was therefore shocked to read that the film cost more than $150 million.

The actors themselves do not make the movie watchable – Hugo Weaving just keeps knotting his forehead. Benicio del Toro looks as ghastly and worn out as ever, and while I was at one time a big fan of Anthony Hopkins, I can’t but notice that his methods are all the same. He just has one character for all the myriad roles thrust his way: that of a detached observer with a carefree almost wanton way about him.  Effective acting yes, but if you watch him movie after movie, it seems that nothing changes except the name and costume of the character he is playing. I’ve seen this act from SIlence of the Lambs, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and even in The Mask of Zorro.

Probably the one bright spot is Emily Blunt, who, although quite predictable in her acting, exudes that lonely look in her eyes of one who has been recently devastated as she was by the loss of her fiancee. Add to that her obvious beauty and she somehow single-handedly rescues this film.

I don’t know the reason for remaking this film – probably, the producers wanted to cash in on the vampire/werewolf wagon. Sadly, they picked one of the lamest plots to resurrect. This one had better been left collecting dust in some film archive.

Yoghurt Addiction

I have always been a yoghurt fan – not because I’ve always been weight/health conscious but I like the taste. Whether pure yoghurt, or fruit mix or drink, I gobble it up. So I am really really happy that I don’t have to stock up on yoghurt every time I go to the grocery – these days, I can just head to my favorite malls and head to Red Mango (or Hobbes and Landes for Froyo if I’m at the Fort).
Today I had three servings (pre-lunch/lunch/post lunch)- mango, grape, kiwi. All topped with almonds. Super likey!
Now, if only I can survive on only yoghurt. That would be really nice. Hahaha.

Joey’s 3rd Birthday

It was Joey’s big day yesterday so we headed off to Greenbelt for Mass and lunch with my side of the family (it was a sort of thank you for my parents actually, since they so kindly volunteered to drastically increase my checking account, har har har. translation: lent me enough moolah to quit my old job).
Started off with ice cream at Gelatissimo, Greenbelt 5 while waiting for my ever punctual (not!) family. Joey enjoyed the chocolate as you can see. I love their ice cream – it’s the creamiest I’ve ever tasted. Beats Haagen Daaz to me. 
Then, we went off to Mesa.
I know I’ve been a little unkind to this resto in the past but while I maintain that most of the dishes on the menu have nothing special, I am drawn however to their sinigang na baboy sa bayabas and pineapple and mango salad. Joey also loves the sinigang – in fact, whenever we eat there, he finishes a cup of rice all by himself!
Since there were only seven of us, I just ordered the basics at Mesa. Clockwise from left: laing two ways, mango salad (goes great with the fish and grilled foodie), crispy tilapya, wrapped sisig, inihaw platter.
One thing I really love here is the price. Imagine, I was able to feed seven adults and a kid with matching fruit shakes and the bill only amouned to Php 3,000? Hard to believe, right?
Anyway, we headed to Red Mango for dessert. I got the original yoghurt with mango and almonds. My two favorite. Did you know that a lot of my former officemates thought I was pregnant with the way I’ve been devouring mangoes? Little did they know that I can finish off ten ripe mangoes in one go. I was practically raised eating mangoes, courtesy of a mango farm on my father’s side of the family. Haha.
After meryenda, we headed back home for Joey’s birthday party – nothing fancy since I’m not really of the kiddie party type. I prefer just eating out and buying stuff for Joey. Or taking him to some carnival or sight-seeing. But of course, no birthday is complete without a birthday cake:

mcQueen cake from Goldilocks
Birthday boy at Greenbelt; Blowing the candle on his cake with friend Gabby and cousin JM:
Happy Birthday my dear little Joey!!!

Daily Fashion: Malling

Well, it’s quite obvious I’m a mall rat. Here’s what I wore on yet another day spent at the mall (Trinoma this time).
Plaid shirt, Promod; shorts, Popstar; cameo necklace from Multiply; earrings, Silverworks, cocktail ring, Salsatrends; sandals, VNC
I super love the my accessories today. The earrings I got from Silverworks – I figured if I’m going to buy accessories, might as well make them at least of value, hence the silver and swarovski-laden pair of earrings. As for the ring, I bought this on impulse while waiting for my family at the mall. It just looked so nice with my pink nails that I had to buy it.
As for the sandals – I saw this pair at VNC Glorietta but as is usually the case, they don’t have it in my size. So I went to Megamall. Then Trinoma. Finally, there was one last pair in my size – the one on display! I didn’t even think twice. 😛

Accessory Love

I’m obsessing over accessories lately -indeed, I’ve been spending on them lately more than clothes (alas, can’t say the same for shoes as I bought more than four pairs in the last month).
Got a jewelry box and earring holder from Simple Joys, and used a shopping bag from Plains and Prints as necklace container. The shopping bag actually looks like a hat box – big, round and six-inches deep.
box containing watches and my cameo necklaces; the blue box contains the more expensive items (meaning real jewelry)
hat box contains my necklaces and bracelets
My favorite neclaces of the moment, starting from top, middle: gold butterly necklace, Accessorize; flower bib necklace, from Pearl Market at Market Market; cameos, bought online from Multiply; antique watch necklace; leaf necklace, bought from Indonesia; etched gold fish necklace, bought from the souvenir shop at Renaissance Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; stainless steel heart pendant, My DIamond; silver cross, Silverworks.
Tons of earrings. It’s quite obvious I love dangling ones. haha.

Anyway, I intend to add some more. On top of my list is to get my nth pair of hoop earrings. I don’t know what it is with me but I keep losing one everytime I wear them. I must have lost more than five – problem is, I throw the other piece so I end up buying a new pair all the time.
I love accessories coz they can dress up your outfit. A plain white tee and jeans combo becomes glam when you accessorize correctly. And it’s much easier to hoard than real jewelry – costume jewelry are much cheaper and they come in all designs, you just have to know where to look for them. I recommend the online shops and bazaars. Take this serpent arm bracelet – got this one from Multiply:
And of course, buy some when you travel  – most of these are unique and you’re not likely to find them here in Manila. Plus, they serve as great mementos of your travel. 😛
Til my next inventory count (accounting jargon dears)!

Daily Fashion: Newsprint

Dinner and movie night with hubby.
newspaper print dress, Tomato; bag, Aranaz, shoes, Charles and Keith; cameo necklace,; earrings, Atelier Avatar (bag and earrings are a going-away present my team)
I am so loving these tribal-inspired sandals from Charles and Keith. Reminds me of the LV sandals from last year. Loving my pink nails too (pedi from California Nails and Day Spa). Just ignoremy ugly fee – I wasn’t genetically blessed in that department and I know my feet are ginormous and hideous. I had to ask Charles and Keith to check which branch carries this pair in my size and buy it from there. Haha.

Valentine’s Weekend

Lots of stuff last Valentine’s weekend.
Had late dinner and catching up with a dear old friend. Treated ourselves to Dairy Queen (surprise! they just opened at Market Market) and took home heart-shaped dilly bars:
Had dinner at Shomal by Hossein at Trinoma before watching Valentine’s Day:
We had the mega kebab, good for two: beef, chicken, lamb, ground lamb, shrimp and vegetables. Loved the shrimp! I think it was covered with paprika or some chili powder and curry. Ipe and I both thought we’d died and gone to gastronomic heaven. Hahaha.
The kebab was served with yellow rice and two sauces – garlic and curry. Ipe liked the garlic; I prefer the curry.
 Tab was pretty neat – our bill came in at only Php 1,700 considering that we only consumed half the kebab and took home the rest. Plus – we got the nice private table, set in its own alcove and hidden partially from the other diners by purple curtains.  Cute that it has its own chandelier too, although it was a bit gawdy for me.
Actual V-day found us with Joey at the Fun Ranch in Pasig (beside Tiendesitas). In the two years we’ve lived in the vicinity, we never got the chance to explore this mini-amusement park.
Joey enjoyed it so much and we almost didn’t want to leave but the heat was becoming a bit unbearable so after two rounds at the bump boat, we decided to hit the Fully Booked at the Fort (yes – Joey enjoys going to bookstores).
So,my Valentine’s weekend was filled with dates – with friends, with hubby, and with Joey. How did you spend yours?

What are our schools teaching?

Here are some two funny scenarios which happened in the last week (events true, but of course, names are withheld):
Girl: We have an event at the Manila Hotel
Boy (from one of the most – if not the most – expensive Universities in the country): Where’s the Manila Hotel?
Girl: rattles off the adddress of the historical landmark… Rizal Park.
Boy: But where is RIzal Park?
Boss (who came from the same expensivo University), butting in: It’s near the US Embassy.
Boy: Oh.Ok.
The second incident was much worse:
Guy: My children went home one day, saying their religion teacher taught them that Jesus is a sinner.
(His child studies at another University which is the rival of the University in the first scenario).
Geez. Can I just homeschool Joey?