Cleaning Out My Closet

It’s probably quite obvious that I’m obsessive-compulsive by nature –  I want my books arranged by height, by thickness, genre… I compute for square roots of any random number in my mind… The list goes on. And this OC-ness translates as well to my closet.
I say our instead of ours because it contains mostly my stuff, then Joey’s and then Ipe’s, all crammed into a 4×1.5×6 feet wengue finish closet. And it’s basically mine since I’m the one maintaining its orderliness.
I actually tried having two closets – one for me and Joey and another for Ipe. But it just tookup too much space in our small bedroom that I was more than happy to put the contents of both closets into one, and put the unused closet in the other bedroom. I didn’t want to keep Ipe’s clothes in the other one since it would mean his having to move from one room to the other in the morning.
Anyway, since Ipe is fond of just yanking things out, our closet almost always looks like a tornado just hit it. And since I was on sick leave today, I figured it won’t hurt to do a little bit of organizing the closet.
What I did was took out everything – clothes, toiletries, accessories. Then I checked one by one which items I still want to use AND keep, which items I don’t use but WANT to keep, and which items I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing again.
A multitude of realizations as high as the pile of clothes on the bed hit me, and here are just snippets:
a) I have over seventy dresses. Six of which I haven’t even worn since I bought them. Two of which I’ve gotten too big to fit into. Of the remaining number, I probably put ten to fifteen on heavy rotation – meaning I wear them almost every month, not knowing that I can survive three months of not repeating my dresses.
b) I have only three pairs of jeans. Yes, three. And two of them bought in the last half of the year with my shopping friend Momer. I used to have at least half a dozen but I must have thrown them away since jeans became illegal in the office – at least in our team though (it’s now perfectly legal to wear them on casual Fridays).
c) I have over twenty blouses and twenty shirts. Most of them don’t even get worn as often as they should be.
d) I have only three pairs of slacks – and my favorite pair has been missing in months. Actually, my main agenda in cleaning the closet was to look for my favorite pair. I had long suspected it was missing but I was maybe hoping I just tucked it in some dark part of the cabinet. But it was gone. And I have no idea where I lost it. And I forgot to add – I have a dozen skirts.
e) I have nineteen belts. Yes, 19. And here I was every morning, complaining that I don’t have a belt. I have belts in leather, fabric, pvc, denim (both acid wash and dark denim). I have quirky (think butterflies and another one made of tiny spikes), wide, slim.

f) I have over twenty fashion necklaces, a dozen bracelets, half a dozen bangles and more than a dozen earrings. This number does not include the valuable stuff – watches and jewelry. Although most of my accessories don’t really come cheap – I have a chunky bib necklace and a long-strand gold-plated one with ceramic charms, both worth a couple of grand. And yet, I inexcusably sometimes (or oftentimes) show up to work or date nights sans any bling. 

With the above inventory, I realized I can go to the office without repeating my outfits for at least five months – mix and matching plus accessorizing not yet factored in. Ipe, can likewise survive three months or so. Also, I realized that most of my salary in the last year went to clothes (and shoes). In fact, when I tried putting a value to our clothes (me, Ipe and Joey; Ipe’s closet is even more discriminating as almost 90% of his stuff are from the same brand – Van Heusen), I realized they would exceed hundreds of thousands. Can you freaking believe that???

I could have bought other more important stuff with that amount of money. I could have bought an LCD, which up to now, I haven’t gotten round to buying (I’m a cheapskate when in comes to gadgets and techie stuff). I could have gone to Europe. Heck, I could have paid the downpayment on a car. Hahaha.

All these I could haves only bring me to more important realizations – like how I should buy less stuff this year and put more into my anemic bank account.

But first, I need to bring my jeans total to at least half dozen. 😛

Then and Now

It’s funny when you look at old picture and realize how much you’ve changed.
From our pre-nup taken four years ago. Look at how thin my arms were and how fair I was. Look how thin Ipe was! He was probably forty pounds lighter here.
This one was taken almost two years ago at RSM, Tagaytay:
Me: top, plains and prints; woven leather belt, SM Dept. Store; shorts, Market Market; orange leather bag, Australian
And now, here we are. Taken at Sonya’s Garden a month ago:
My arms are flabby, my tummy not so flat, and Ipe… well, you can tell what changed. Hehehehe. 😛