The Exit Interview

I had my exit interview today. Prior to meeting with our HR, two thoughts run through my mind:
a) This is my fourth such interview.
b) Should I be honest or keep my mouth shut and just smile my way through the entire thing?
Well, there really isn’t much to the first – P&G is my fourth company and I’m proud to say that I’ve always finished this part of the process. In fact, I look forward to exit interviews as they are my only/last¬†means to air my grievances (which is usually the case for leaving employees) or sing my praises.
For point B – I had always prided myself on honesty. In fact, I sometimes think I am too honest. I know how to lie of course, but I prefer the honest way out of anything – it makes things less complicated for someone with as poor a memory as myself.
Some people say that you should only say good things at your exit interview – leaving the door open should you want to come back. But I believe in saying things as they are; after all, you’re leaving for a reason and it’s best they know why so they can prevent the same thing from happening in the future. And it’s not like I’m backstabbing anyone (now, I am against that). I am okay with airing whatever sentiments you have with regards to the work you’re leaving but I am not for badmouthing anyone (besides, I had more or less wonderful bosses).
So, yeah. I was honest in yet another exit interview. And you know, I even got teary-eyed. Haha. Well, probably because this is the company I’ve stayed with the longest.
So now, the countdown begins. Six more days to go.