The Exit Interview

I had my exit interview today. Prior to meeting with our HR, two thoughts run through my mind:
a) This is my fourth such interview.
b) Should I be honest or keep my mouth shut and just smile my way through the entire thing?
Well, there really isn’t much to the first – P&G is my fourth company and I’m proud to say that I’ve always finished this part of the process. In fact, I look forward to exit interviews as they are my only/last means to air my grievances (which is usually the case for leaving employees) or sing my praises.
For point B – I had always prided myself on honesty. In fact, I sometimes think I am too honest. I know how to lie of course, but I prefer the honest way out of anything – it makes things less complicated for someone with as poor a memory as myself.
Some people say that you should only say good things at your exit interview – leaving the door open should you want to come back. But I believe in saying things as they are; after all, you’re leaving for a reason and it’s best they know why so they can prevent the same thing from happening in the future. And it’s not like I’m backstabbing anyone (now, I am against that). I am okay with airing whatever sentiments you have with regards to the work you’re leaving but I am not for badmouthing anyone (besides, I had more or less wonderful bosses).
So, yeah. I was honest in yet another exit interview. And you know, I even got teary-eyed. Haha. Well, probably because this is the company I’ve stayed with the longest.
So now, the countdown begins. Six more days to go.

3 thoughts on “The Exit Interview

  1. haha. i've had 2 exit interviews pa lang so far even though i've had 8 companies na. sa first one (KPMG, which was your company din, diba?), i told ms lea that the reason i was leaving was kasi super toxic ang awayan ng mga managers sa RAS and that she should brace herself for more resignations. naloka mga friends ko when they found out what i said. hahaha.

    sa p&g naman i was half honest, i think. i mean at least inamin ko na super stressed din ako. i think (hindi ko lang super sure) may question din don on rate the level of stress from 1-4, 4 being the highest, and i said 4. hahaha.


  2. hahaha. sa KPMG, super honest ko din. sabi ko sa HR, they shouldn't lend new staff to other clients specially if it's not audit related. sbi ko pa, i felt like i wasted my time there.

    mega reklamo pa ko about the computers then. di kasi 1:1.

    sa p&g, sabi ko stress level moderate. hahaha. mdami pa ko sinabi pero baka may makabasa sa office. hahaha.


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