Valentine’s Day Movie

For lack of a better movie (Percy Jackson and Wolfman looked ho-hum while Dear John is too tearjerky), Ipe and I ended up queueing for Valentine’s Day on the eve before Valentines. No, it wasn’t really a V-day celebration, just our custom to go out every weekend.
Well, I heard some really bad and downright nasty reviews about this movie. But since it boasted of an all-star cast, how bad can it be right?
Right. The all-star cast is just about what it had going for it – Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane (cool that they got both McDreamy and McSteamy), Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Bradley Cooper, Topher Grace, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts, and Shirley Mclaine.
As for the story – it started promising enough but in order to fit in the cast, a lot of subplots were added to the main and it becomes one convoluted mess. I could pick several they could have focused on: the girlfriend who doesn’t know her boyfriend is married and her bestfriend’s engagement gone kaput AND the fifty-years married couple who are faced by the wife’s admission of infidelity. Throw in the gay athlete into the mix and it would have been passable, probably good even.
But with all the subplots (subplots are almost as many as the cast) squeezed into two hours, you can’t really develop good characters or good stories. You can only lay the brickwork but not the finishing, otherwise, the movie would have lasted ten hours.
Two noteworthy scenes,though, got my attention – when Ashton realized he was in love with Jennifer and when Julia came home to her son (this one got me teary-eyed, being a mom myself). And I loved the scene where Jen and Jessica Biel got to their I Hate Valentine’s Day party and started hitting a heart pinata with a baseball bat.
Offhand observations:
a) Why does Taylor Swift look like she’s forty during close-ups? She has more wrinkles than my mom. And she can’t act. Although I do remember watching her on CSI NY and being impressed then, in this movie, she just sucks. Maybe she just needs a good director. Then again, her part sucks. Maybe she realized that halfway through filming, when it was too late for her to back out.
b) Jennifer Garner is so pretty. You can tell she’s aged, but she is such a bright spot in the dreary movie. And Ipe is crushing on her. Haha. I could tell, coz every time we watch a movie with her in it, Ipe goes like: Ang ganda nya no.
c) Jessica Biel is pretty too, if you manage to overlook her muscular arms and legs.
Overall, movie was blah, but passable. Love Actually is better; but for me, only by a few notches.

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