Valentine’s Weekend

Lots of stuff last Valentine’s weekend.
Had late dinner and catching up with a dear old friend. Treated ourselves to Dairy Queen (surprise! they just opened at Market Market) and took home heart-shaped dilly bars:
Had dinner at Shomal by Hossein at Trinoma before watching Valentine’s Day:
We had the mega kebab, good for two: beef, chicken, lamb, ground lamb, shrimp and vegetables. Loved the shrimp! I think it was covered with paprika or some chili powder and curry. Ipe and I both thought we’d died and gone to gastronomic heaven. Hahaha.
The kebab was served with yellow rice and two sauces – garlic and curry. Ipe liked the garlic; I prefer the curry.
 Tab was pretty neat – our bill came in at only Php 1,700 considering that we only consumed half the kebab and took home the rest. Plus – we got the nice private table, set in its own alcove and hidden partially from the other diners by purple curtains.  Cute that it has its own chandelier too, although it was a bit gawdy for me.
Actual V-day found us with Joey at the Fun Ranch in Pasig (beside Tiendesitas). In the two years we’ve lived in the vicinity, we never got the chance to explore this mini-amusement park.
Joey enjoyed it so much and we almost didn’t want to leave but the heat was becoming a bit unbearable so after two rounds at the bump boat, we decided to hit the Fully Booked at the Fort (yes – Joey enjoys going to bookstores).
So,my Valentine’s weekend was filled with dates – with friends, with hubby, and with Joey. How did you spend yours?

What are our schools teaching?

Here are some two funny scenarios which happened in the last week (events true, but of course, names are withheld):
Girl: We have an event at the Manila Hotel
Boy (from one of the most – if not the most – expensive Universities in the country): Where’s the Manila Hotel?
Girl: rattles off the adddress of the historical landmark… Rizal Park.
Boy: But where is RIzal Park?
Boss (who came from the same expensivo University), butting in: It’s near the US Embassy.
Boy: Oh.Ok.
The second incident was much worse:
Guy: My children went home one day, saying their religion teacher taught them that Jesus is a sinner.
(His child studies at another University which is the rival of the University in the first scenario).
Geez. Can I just homeschool Joey?