Accessory Love

I’m obsessing over accessories lately -indeed, I’ve been spending on them lately more than clothes (alas, can’t say the same for shoes as I bought more than four pairs in the last month).
Got a jewelry box and earring holder from Simple Joys, and used a shopping bag from Plains and Prints as necklace container. The shopping bag actually looks like a hat box – big, round and six-inches deep.
box containing watches and my cameo necklaces; the blue box contains the more expensive items (meaning real jewelry)
hat box contains my necklaces and bracelets
My favorite neclaces of the moment, starting from top, middle: gold butterly necklace, Accessorize; flower bib necklace, from Pearl Market at Market Market; cameos, bought online from Multiply; antique watch necklace; leaf necklace, bought from Indonesia; etched gold fish necklace, bought from the souvenir shop at Renaissance Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; stainless steel heart pendant, My DIamond; silver cross, Silverworks.
Tons of earrings. It’s quite obvious I love dangling ones. haha.

Anyway, I intend to add some more. On top of my list is to get my nth pair of hoop earrings. I don’t know what it is with me but I keep losing one everytime I wear them. I must have lost more than five – problem is, I throw the other piece so I end up buying a new pair all the time.
I love accessories coz they can dress up your outfit. A plain white tee and jeans combo becomes glam when you accessorize correctly. And it’s much easier to hoard than real jewelry – costume jewelry are much cheaper and they come in all designs, you just have to know where to look for them. I recommend the online shops and bazaars. Take this serpent arm bracelet – got this one from Multiply:
And of course, buy some when you travel  – most of these are unique and you’re not likely to find them here in Manila. Plus, they serve as great mementos of your travel. 😛
Til my next inventory count (accounting jargon dears)!

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