Yoghurt Addiction

I have always been a yoghurt fan – not because I’ve always been weight/health conscious but I like the taste. Whether pure yoghurt, or fruit mix or drink, I gobble it up. So I am really really happy that I don’t have to stock up on yoghurt every time I go to the grocery – these days, I can just head to my favorite malls and head to Red Mango (or Hobbes and Landes for Froyo if I’m at the Fort).
Today I had three servings (pre-lunch/lunch/post lunch)- mango, grape, kiwi. All topped with almonds. Super likey!
Now, if only I can survive on only yoghurt. That would be really nice. Hahaha.

Joey’s 3rd Birthday

It was Joey’s big day yesterday so we headed off to Greenbelt for Mass and lunch with my side of the family (it was a sort of thank you for my parents actually, since they so kindly volunteered to drastically increase my checking account, har har har. translation: lent me enough moolah to quit my old job).
Started off with ice cream at Gelatissimo, Greenbelt 5 while waiting for my ever punctual (not!) family. Joey enjoyed the chocolate as you can see. I love their ice cream – it’s the creamiest I’ve ever tasted. Beats Haagen Daaz to me. 
Then, we went off to Mesa.
I know I’ve been a little unkind to this resto in the past but while I maintain that most of the dishes on the menu have nothing special, I am drawn however to their sinigang na baboy sa bayabas and pineapple and mango salad. Joey also loves the sinigang – in fact, whenever we eat there, he finishes a cup of rice all by himself!
Since there were only seven of us, I just ordered the basics at Mesa. Clockwise from left: laing two ways, mango salad (goes great with the fish and grilled foodie), crispy tilapya, wrapped sisig, inihaw platter.
One thing I really love here is the price. Imagine, I was able to feed seven adults and a kid with matching fruit shakes and the bill only amouned to Php 3,000? Hard to believe, right?
Anyway, we headed to Red Mango for dessert. I got the original yoghurt with mango and almonds. My two favorite. Did you know that a lot of my former officemates thought I was pregnant with the way I’ve been devouring mangoes? Little did they know that I can finish off ten ripe mangoes in one go. I was practically raised eating mangoes, courtesy of a mango farm on my father’s side of the family. Haha.
After meryenda, we headed back home for Joey’s birthday party – nothing fancy since I’m not really of the kiddie party type. I prefer just eating out and buying stuff for Joey. Or taking him to some carnival or sight-seeing. But of course, no birthday is complete without a birthday cake:

mcQueen cake from Goldilocks
Birthday boy at Greenbelt; Blowing the candle on his cake with friend Gabby and cousin JM:
Happy Birthday my dear little Joey!!!

Daily Fashion: Malling

Well, it’s quite obvious I’m a mall rat. Here’s what I wore on yet another day spent at the mall (Trinoma this time).
Plaid shirt, Promod; shorts, Popstar; cameo necklace from Multiply; earrings, Silverworks, cocktail ring, Salsatrends; sandals, VNC
I super love the my accessories today. The earrings I got from Silverworks – I figured if I’m going to buy accessories, might as well make them at least of value, hence the silver and swarovski-laden pair of earrings. As for the ring, I bought this on impulse while waiting for my family at the mall. It just looked so nice with my pink nails that I had to buy it.
As for the sandals – I saw this pair at VNC Glorietta but as is usually the case, they don’t have it in my size. So I went to Megamall. Then Trinoma. Finally, there was one last pair in my size – the one on display! I didn’t even think twice. 😛