Daily Fashion: Malling

Well, it’s quite obvious I’m a mall rat. Here’s what I wore on yet another day spent at the mall (Trinoma this time).
Plaid shirt, Promod; shorts, Popstar; cameo necklace from Multiply; earrings, Silverworks, cocktail ring, Salsatrends; sandals, VNC
I super love the my accessories today. The earrings I got from Silverworks – I figured if I’m going to buy accessories, might as well make them at least of value, hence the silver and swarovski-laden pair of earrings. As for the ring, I bought this on impulse while waiting for my family at the mall. It just looked so nice with my pink nails that I had to buy it.
As for the sandals – I saw this pair at VNC Glorietta but as is usually the case, they don’t have it in my size. So I went to Megamall. Then Trinoma. Finally, there was one last pair in my size – the one on display! I didn’t even think twice. 😛

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