Seeing Red

I am crazy over red lately. Fiery bright red. 🙂

red lacquered nails courtesy of California Nails and Day Spa, using OPI polish
 red rosette blouse from Tyler
red laptop bag for my new baby – a pearly white Sony Vaio
 red maillot with ruched side, Seafolly at Rustan’s (picture above shows Rhian at this month’s Metro magazine)
Don’t have a picture yet of me wearing the swimsuit since I haven’t been to the beach yet. 🙂

Makati, Makati, I Keep Coming Back to Makati

I missed Makati so much since I am now working in another city farther down south. So, the first time I went there since I started working again, I made sure to do the things I miss most – shop, eat, and coffee!

A good thing that my Starbucks/Pancake partner in crime joined me (I think we’re being psychic – she texted to invite me for dinner the same moment I was asking her on  FB! Hahaha).  After shopping at Glorietta (Tyler is on sale), we met up at GB5 and had dinner at Tapella.

Now, for the curious, Tapella is a Spanish resto at the end of GB1 offering various tapas and paellas (hence the name). It also has an al fresco bar which we have to try some other day.

We were so full from the two orders of Camembert with caramelized onions on fluted bread (which was a steal at Php 180 per order):
and the manchego cheese, chicken and asparagus paella (which comes at a pocket friendly price of Php 480):

I was also very happy that they serve freshly squeezed orange juice. See, I don’t drink orange juice EXCEPT if it’s freshly squeezed. 

Capped the night with Starbucks – which I haven’t tasted in almost a month since there isn’t any near my new office. Can you believe that? I was in severe withdrawal!

Cheers to more dinner get-togethers!

Love Thine Eyes

Ok, so after a couple of months of being too lazy (short: avoiding tactic) to go to the opthalmologist, I was finally forced to do so today since I could not figure out why I can’t seem to find a decent pair of contacts that doesn’t irritate my eyes. Just so you know, I’ve switched four times in the last two months and I’m not exactly a fan of all that money wasted.
Sadly though, the doctor confirmed my suspicions – I can’t wear contacts anymore. My eyes are too heavily scarred already what with allergies and abrasions brought on by my extremely sensitive body and prolonged use of contacts. In any case, he was the 2nd doctor to have told me this so I should probably listen.

So now, I am stuck with glasses – goodbye to the D&G sunglasses Ipe and I have been eyeing. Also, I’m on a strictly allergen-free diet – no seafood, chicken, eggs, nuts, and – gasps! – chocolates. At least until my eyes heal their wounds (yes, my eyes have open wounds). 

Another point, I might need to undergo Lasik sooner than I was expecting. The first optha I went to told me I have to undergo this procedure if the grade difference between my eyes reach 200 (right now, it’s at 125) since not doing so might result in lazy eye (which I am afflicted with, but only very lightly) and/or cross-eyed. Which, I am sure none of us would want to be. But now, with my recent eye troubles, I might  undergo Lasik as soon as my eyes healed – a couple of weeks or months from now.

On the bright side, it gives me a reason to splurge on a new pair of glasses. My old ones from Cole Haan are so battered; it’s also the only pair that has lasted me more than two years so I guess it’s about time.

Field Trip in Taguig

Since it looks like Taguig will be our home town for quite some time, Ipe and I agreed to explore its little known corners – after all, ask anyone what to see in Taguig and they will probably all tell you: The Fort?
Anyway, a good thing our friend Carli was able to take time off from his hectic sched to guide us through the city and see the lake (Laguna).
First stop – Napindan Channel, which was constructed during the latter part of the Marcos administration to prevent the Pasig River from flowing upstream and mixing its polluted saltwater with that of the Laguna Bay’s freshwater, especially during summer, when sea levels are higher than that of the lake.

Apart from this, the channel also serves as flood control, a sort of dam to make sure water is contained at the Laguna Bay.

One end of the Napindan is Taguig while the other is in Pasig, so it’s also an alternative route linking the two cities. Except that the Pasig part of the bridge is still rough road (maybe their government forgot that it was suppose to construct this road).
 Ferry boat station in the Pasig side of the river
Its quite amazing to see green fields in the city. Just last week, we saw a rice field just off  of a bustling main street. Now, we see so much greenery it’s a surprise we were still in Taguig.

view of The Fort from across water lily fields

We decided to climb up the dike and have a look at the lake itself and this is what we saw – shanties and lots and lots of fish pens. While I’m okay with these, I really wish the government or LLDA will clean up the side of the lake as it is quite chock full of garbage. I’d hate for the lake to turn into the Pasig River.
 This area is home to a couple of livelihood. Aside from fishermen living beside the lake on one side of the dike, water lily farmers live on the other side, near the city. Water lilies are harvested, dried and made into bags, boxes, and other native handicrafts. These are then sold at Market Market and other stores in Taguig.  Quite smart eh?
 farmer laying the water lilies to dry in the sun
I’ve heard that portion of the Laguna Lake will be reclaimed to make way for an airport. I just don’t know how long that will take. In any case, that would mean our house is between two airports. Haha. 
Taguig is a very small city; in fact, aside from the above, you only have The Fort to visit. So I guess our Taguig exploration is about done. 😛

The Venice Piazza

We have a new hangout (by we I refer to Ipe, Joey and myself) which we finally got round to exploring while we were scouring the area for a preschool for Joey.
And that was when we discovered the Piazza, part of McKinley development along well, McKinley in the Fort. It’s quite nice, but I am personally not in favor of all the pretentious sculpture perched along the facade. It reeks of something I can’t quite name. Oh well.
It’s not exactly a mall but more of a hang-out place, with restos, yoghurt places, salons and spas. I actually enjoyed waiting for Joey while having my nails done at nearby Posh Nails. Haha. 
Joey and Ipe love the Sol Gelato (at the ground floor, facing the concert grounds area)
This is where we would spend two hours a day waiting for Joey while stuffing ourselves with fat-free ice cream. I especially love their pistachio and ferrero flavors. Hehehe. And it is also cheaper than other ice cream parlors I know – the mini cup (shown above) costs only Php 90. 
There are still many vacant stalls but there are already Thai, Filipino and Japanese restos, as well as several fast food outlets (Mcdo and KFC come to mind). And coffee shops such as Coffee Bean and Figaro. 
On a side note – I was shocked to find out that SM Bicutan does not have any coffee shop. No Starbucks! And horror of horrors, it seems it doesn’t even have BPI ATM machine there (I asked several guards). Can you believe that? Shocking, but true.

Mini Shabu-Shabu

Pigged out Monday at HIgh Street with a couple of friends. We decided to try Mini Shabu Shabu (beside Charles and Keith) since the first time Ipe and I ate there, we weren’t really able to enjoy as most of the set meals were good for four and we just decided to whip up our own shabu-shabu. 

We had the assorted seafood set meal and added an extra plate of oysters which are an absolute weakness of mine.

Verdict? Yum! I gobbled up as much as the guys did – was planning on having half rice  only but it would be a waste not to finish an entire pot of steaming shabu shabu right? Shameful, but I did finish the pot of soup and a cup of rice. Not to mention a big serving of yoghurt with mangoes and almonds. Double yum. 

And there goes my diet again. 😦

Greenwich Undergoes a Makeover

Greenwich has always been my favorite pizza place (followed by Lotsa Pizza – see, I’m really very cheap). It’s quite amazing how the brand has reinvented and positioned itself as the “IT” place for yuppies, or Yindies, or young independent professionals, as their marketing calls them.
No reinvention will be complete without a makeover and that’s just what it had done – new interiors – couches and padded chairs replacing the old plastic set-up, and photos of John Lloyd and his clique (at least on-cam) now adorn the walls.
 Even the way they serve food has changed – their plates are new, they have metal prop-ups for the pizza and the service has basically upgraded. Their food even taste better and would you believe they now serve steak and cakes and coffee?
Gotta hand it to their Marketing team. I heard they were from Unilever before and even when I was with Unilever’s main competitor, I had to admit their marketing strategies were far superior than ours. And now they’re bringing the goods to Greenwich.

Joey Goes to School

Joey is growing up so fast. He has started going to school now.
It took us quite some time to find the perfect preschool but one day while out for a joyride, we chanced upon this Montessori school tucked away in a corner of the Piazza.
Needless to say, Joey now has his playschool. And he really enjoys it. Before, getting him to wake up at 7AM is next to impossible but now, all I have to do is ask hi, do you want to go to school? And he’d wake up! 
I guess it helps that I bought him a new McQueen backpack and lunch box and he has Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies and Chuckie for meryenda. 🙂

Daily Fashion – Purple Love

I just could not resist these purple beauties at Aldo. And the fact that they were on sale made the deal sweeter.
Purple used to be my favorite color when I was maybe five years old. Then it gave way to pink, around the time that Bioman was such a hit and I was pink five. And then I ultimately became a sun kid, loving everything yellow. But of course, purple will always be my first love.
I think I’m on pair 42… but seriously, who’s counting? 😛