New Chapter

To the few readers who are following my blog – I’m back! A new chapter of my life is about to begin but before that, it’s only fair to give my due respects to one I’m closing.
For five years, my corporate home had been with P&G – I’ve made a few friends, hopefully no enemies, some from far-flung areas that I would never have met otherwise. You know, I honestly thought that I would stay for good. I even remember when I first set foot in the P&G offices after joining the student excellence awards, I though: this is where I want to work. So, I had thought it destiny that I should be working with P&G.
But then, destiny changes every day – with every decision, every choice, the future changes course and that time came when I realized that it was time for me to seek my future elsewhere. I wasn’t happy anymore and it showed – in my work, my life, my attitude. It even started to affect my health.
The one thing holding me back though, were the people. I’m a very sentimental person and I just have to say my piece (in no order ito ha)
To my NEA family – Arni, Florence, Shaoi, Jewel – my lunchmates from AP to TCO – those hours spent at the pantry with you have been some of the happiest moments. I’m glad that we’ve managed to hang on to each other despite moving to different roles – I hope that distance will not sever our ties. And I’m always up for a round of videoke.
Jo – I will miss your brownies; I was eating at KFC last night when the thought hit me that I won’t be getting those brownies for free anymore. And I will miss those heart to heart talks. I have just one wish for you and you know it already. 🙂
Tita Mitch – while some may say your voice can be easily distracting, for me it’s usually comforting, some sort of security blanket, knowing that you’re there. Especially early in the morning.
Leah – my Starbucks and Pancake buddy. Seriously, I think all those frappes are to be blamed for my weight gain. Haha. I will miss our ranting sessions, our hours spent building castles in the air (I’m sure you know what I mean). Don’t worry – I know our dreams will come true. And hey, I’m just a few meters away from you. You can just throw rocks my way. 😛
Anna – my constant MC buddy. You know, with all the MC conversations we had, I never felt that we have been floors apart for four of the five years I’ve been there. Hope we can continue our conversations.
Carie – I know I never told you this, but you’ve sort of been my personal mentor. It was just so easy to talk with you, knowing you won’t judge. Talking with you always makes me feel lighter somehow.
LIsetty – My leaving probably affected you more than the others in the team; if I had been your big sister, you’ve always been my little sister. Which was why I kept my leaving a secret from you until the last moment. You’re good for TCO; I hope you’ll stay there.
Mark – sorry if I’ve been a bully. Hehe. You must realize that those pang-aasars are my way of showing I care. I treat my little brother the same way; you remind me of him a little and you and Lisetty have been like my little bro and sis (naturally, since I am older than you both).
Momer – my shopping and shuttle buddy. It’s so refreshing to have you to talk with about non-work stuff. Stress buster. 🙂
Alan – being my boss was hard, I know, since I am very stubborn to begin with. Thanks for bearing with me. Haha.

my TCO family – Den, Madj, Kristi, Wena, Riana and newbies Jjo, JP, Kathy and Ron – a heartfelt thanks. I won’t forget the despedida ever. Send me the video ha. I wish I could have gotten to spend more time with you, especially the newcomers but hey, it’s a small world; we’re bound to meet some other way.

3 thoughts on “New Chapter

  1. Friend! Miss ko na kayo! Pramis, will treat you guys sa payday or when i get my terminal pay, whichever comes first, although I'm hoping yung terminal pay ang mauna. dpat sa march 31 e. sana di madelay.


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