The Make Up Hoarder Strilkes Again

Now, I’m a self-confessed make-up junkie. I don’t know how to use them most of the time, but I really really like seeing my make up bag full to the brim. 🙂

I was looking for a new lipstick from Smashbox- it’s my favorite lipstick brand, by the way, since it smells like chocolate and the gunmetal case is just rad – so I headed off to their counter at Beauty Bar.

Lo and behold – these babies were shown to me and I just could not resist.
l-r:  lipstick, O-Glow blush and O-Gloss lipgloss
The lipstick, which comes in only one shade, is a light sparkly pink with moisturizers in the middle. Too bad though, it didn’t smell like chocolate like my other Smashbox lipsticks; it just smelled like your typical lipstick. But I love that I can wear it for hours on end and my lips don’t get chapped.

The O-Gloss and O-Glow, meanwhile, are just sheer geniuses! When you open their tubes, all you see are clear goo (gel) but when you start rubbing on your cheeks and lips, they turn into customized shades of pink all your own. They actually call it intuitive, since the shade depends on your skin tone. How a product can do that is beyond me but I am so in love with this line. Plus, it is so easy to apply, there is very little risk of over-blushing, and the shades last pretty long. The lip gloss works well  on top of other lipsticks too and doesn’t feel thick or dry my lips.

I was also on the lookout for a good foundation which doesn’t make you look like espasol. I’ve tried lots of variants from different brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, and some other brands I can’t remember but so far, they all made me look, well, made up.  The nearest I came to what I was looking for was Paul and Joe’s primer and their face powder, but the brand is only sold at Rustan’s Makati and I was too lazy to go there since I’ve just been to Rustan’s Shangrila and was then at Trinoma, so I decided to try an entirely new brand.
Which led me to the Shiseido booth.  Now, I have been hearing good things about this brand and a friend of mine swears by it but I haven’t really tried it. So, I crossed my fingers and bought my first ever foundation from them.

Verdict? Near perfect. It glides on smoothly (I was advised to just use my fingers so I did), and it felt so light and natural. I couldn’t see noticeable traces of it on my face except that my pores are gone. And it was a light-bulb moment: I’ve found it!

Now, I am very particular with what I put on my face since I have extremely sensitive skin, no exaggerations on the extremely. I once bought a lipstick from the Body Shop and my lips looked like it had been stung by a bee – I had to go to a derma and had to take lots of meds and ointments just to make the swelling subside. And it cracked, and it bled, and it hurt like hell. 

But the products above – they work really well with my skin. I’ve been using them for over three weeks and I haven’t had a single adverse reaction – not even a zit!

So now, my make up arsenal consists of three tried and tested brands which I will probably stick with for a long time – Paul and Joe, Shiseido, and Smashbox (funny, the first two are Japanese brands. The Japs sure seem like they know what they’re doing when they create things). Do I recommend them? You I bet. 😛

3 thoughts on “The Make Up Hoarder Strilkes Again

  1. speaking of pores, bigla kong naalala na one time, i raved to my friends na i love loreal's mineral powder, na it works well on me and they should try it kasi nakakacover ng pores . ang sabi ni rome: “eh wala ka namang pores eh. sinong niloloko mo?” XD
    next time i will suggest this product of yours to my friends instead.


  2. hahaha. go buy them heidz, they're really nice.

    tried loreal's mineral powder too but i find the coverage is too thick for my taste and messy. but i love the mineral bronzer. 🙂


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