Chocolate Gone Green

Kitkat has always been one of my favorite chocolates so when a couple of friends went to Japan for a business trip, I asked them to buy some green tea flavored Kitkat for me.

Now, it’s quite rare for a chocolate to have this flavor and trust the Japanese to think of doing this. They also have melon, apple and banana flavors. Would you believe they even have cherry blossom flavored kitkats?!?

I was almost afraid the kitkat will gag me but as it turned out, it actually tasted like white chocolate, except that it’s color green. And the wafer underneath is of the same quality as the other kitkats I’ve tasted. 
Sadly, I think it is only being sold in Japan, along with the other colorful flavors. 😦 Tried looking for it in the supermarkets here but to no avail.

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