Greenwich Undergoes a Makeover

Greenwich has always been my favorite pizza place (followed by Lotsa Pizza – see, I’m really very cheap). It’s quite amazing how the brand has reinvented and positioned itself as the “IT” place for yuppies, or Yindies, or young independent professionals, as their marketing calls them.
No reinvention will be complete without a makeover and that’s just what it had done – new interiors – couches and padded chairs replacing the old plastic set-up, and photos of John Lloyd and his clique (at least on-cam) now adorn the walls.
 Even the way they serve food has changed – their plates are new, they have metal prop-ups for the pizza and the service has basically upgraded. Their food even taste better and would you believe they now serve steak and cakes and coffee?
Gotta hand it to their Marketing team. I heard they were from Unilever before and even when I was with Unilever’s main competitor, I had to admit their marketing strategies were far superior than ours. And now they’re bringing the goods to Greenwich.

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