The Venice Piazza

We have a new hangout (by we I refer to Ipe, Joey and myself) which we finally got round to exploring while we were scouring the area for a preschool for Joey.
And that was when we discovered the Piazza, part of McKinley development along well, McKinley in the Fort. It’s quite nice, but I am personally not in favor of all the pretentious sculpture perched along the facade. It reeks of something I can’t quite name. Oh well.
It’s not exactly a mall but more of a hang-out place, with restos, yoghurt places, salons and spas. I actually enjoyed waiting for Joey while having my nails done at nearby Posh Nails. Haha. 
Joey and Ipe love the Sol Gelato (at the ground floor, facing the concert grounds area)
This is where we would spend two hours a day waiting for Joey while stuffing ourselves with fat-free ice cream. I especially love their pistachio and ferrero flavors. Hehehe. And it is also cheaper than other ice cream parlors I know – the mini cup (shown above) costs only Php 90. 
There are still many vacant stalls but there are already Thai, Filipino and Japanese restos, as well as several fast food outlets (Mcdo and KFC come to mind). And coffee shops such as Coffee Bean and Figaro. 
On a side note – I was shocked to find out that SM Bicutan does not have any coffee shop. No Starbucks! And horror of horrors, it seems it doesn’t even have BPI ATM machine there (I asked several guards). Can you believe that? Shocking, but true.

Mini Shabu-Shabu

Pigged out Monday at HIgh Street with a couple of friends. We decided to try Mini Shabu Shabu (beside Charles and Keith) since the first time Ipe and I ate there, we weren’t really able to enjoy as most of the set meals were good for four and we just decided to whip up our own shabu-shabu. 

We had the assorted seafood set meal and added an extra plate of oysters which are an absolute weakness of mine.

Verdict? Yum! I gobbled up as much as the guys did – was planning on having half rice  only but it would be a waste not to finish an entire pot of steaming shabu shabu right? Shameful, but I did finish the pot of soup and a cup of rice. Not to mention a big serving of yoghurt with mangoes and almonds. Double yum. 

And there goes my diet again. 😦